[REQ] Choose your permissions group by rightclicking a sign.

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    Recently, I have been configuring my server for release, installing mods so-on so-forth, and i have discovered the need for players to CHOOSE their permissions (3.x) group.

    So say on a sign (similar to Essentials signs) it has: [group], Fire - so their entry in users.yml is edited so it has "groups: - Fire" (or however the file is set out) and admins won't have to be online constantly for new players to join a group. I know this sounds very similar to features of plugins such as factions and stuff, but I want it in this specific way of signs, without any extra.

    I, with no programming knowledge, assume it would just be a matter of making a sign do a similar thing to "/pr promote|demote..." etc.

    There is one requirement that it would need though, and was probably thought of anyway, it would need a seperate permissions node from the one that allows you to use /pr promote|demote, and would be better to have it so you can only join certain groups with certain nodes. Such as:
    permissionsigns.fire - Would allow joining of the 'Fire' group through signs.
    permissionsigns.water - Would allow joining of 'Water' group through signs.
    This would also make it so it is your final choice/you can branch off for even more groups

    I am making an enclosed spawn area with instructions (on signs) and i want players to be able to teleport easily out of there once they have finished. I have found out, with EssentialsSpawn that ic an have group-specific warps which would make this all easier, so players who choose 'fire' can go to the fire spawn, and groups who choose 'water' will go to the water spawn. Except I hit one problem with this method; it would require an admin or moderator online at ALL TIMES, which between 4 of us, although that may be alot of admins, would be impossible to be online for every new player. I took inspiration from the "[BUY]" and "[SELL]" signs of Essentials Economy, and felt it would also be good for other uses too.
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    I'm no plugin developer myself... but I have a suggestion. Why not make use of the InvisibleInk plugin? It allows for pieces of paper (made by people with proper permissions) to be made for other players which issues a command regardless of their permission.

    Although it would take some kind of work, you could just set up chests of them. There's also a usage permission, so you can have players who haven't chosen a path they want, they can still use one of the papers, and the two classes which you can choose from don't have this usage.

    Hope this helped!
    - sagethor

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