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    Hello bukkit users!

    Because i'm setting up a hunger games server and we would like 2 groups, player and spectator, we want to allow only the player group to open the chests. So is there any possibility to use permissions to open a chest? I'll appreciate your answers :)

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    I can try to bang this out later, some small bits of code. Maybe only 20 lines. Anything else you need? Or just a permissions base?
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    Thanks, if you can do this, i'll appreciate it!

    We need an automatic group changer after you die and a plugin that makes people invisible if you are in that group, but it's not necessary.
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    Permission system? Pex, bperms bukkitPerms, or other?
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    We are gonna use bukkitpermissions probably.
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    I would have preferred coding it for Pex, but ill do my best to implement the group changer after death.

    So I have the chest portion done. I'm going to add the others, but I can't seem to figure out how to alter bukkits permission.yml from code. So I'm going to use the VAULT API to do ondeath and change the players user group. Vault will allow you to be able to use any permissions plugin along with this plugin. It'll be a softdepend so you don't HAVE to have vault, but if you do add vault it will give you the other two peices you were asking for. I'll have it up in about 2-3 hours (at school)

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    Oke, thank you :)

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