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    What I am looking for has been made before but has since been abandoned.


    Basically it allows you to set a config where you can pay iconomy money to have a permission added to your permissions config.

    In the config you set a few options
    1) permission to be added
    2) cost of permission
    3) purchase name


    I would love if a Dev would be willing to revive the plugin above or write one from scratch. I know a little java but not nearly enough to write this. I can provide a test server and help as much as possible!


    Is there something that already exists to do this? It really confuses me that it doesnt exist. I would think a lot of servers would want this functionality =)

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    Sure, but you already know what it is since you listed it in your post.
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    Except that it is inactive and abandoned.

    We've been trying to get a hold of the dev to get him to at least provide the source. Unfortunately I cannot find anything released and working that does anything like this =(
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    It is still in Plugin Releases so it isn't inactive yet and I'm not sure why anyone would say it was abandoned. If you didn't know, the dev has been extremely busy working on Permissions 3.0. Until he posts that he isn't going to update it anymore, I just don't see the need to exclaim someone plugin is either inactive or abandoned. It is still working right?
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    No. It is not working anymore. Also, from the people I have talked to a lot of people have tried to contact him to just find out IF he plans to bring it back and update it. He has yet to respond to anyone. Hasn't worked since iconomy 5 was released which I believe was a couple weeks ago.

    I did know he was working on perm 3.0 There have been multiple people who have asked that he release the source code so they could bring it up to iconomy 5 but he has yet to answer any of them.

    I was putting in a request because since the plugin has failed a couple servers including myself have had to handle requests for permissions manually and its almost 150 requests a day. I would be willing to pay to have the plugin developed. From my understand it wouldnt be a huge plugin to develop.

    I in no way expect the dev of buyabilities to communicate with us or update his plugin since he is doing this out of kindness and has no obligation. Just looking for other solutions, maybe there is a dev looking for something to do =)
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    Fair enough and I think that would be the response that he and many others would want to see and not someone stating his plugin is inactive or abandoned. As for the problems with it not working with iConomy 5.0, there are actually quite a few plugins that still haven't been updated and that is why I'm still running 4.6.5. It is also why 4.6.5 is still available. As far as I was concerned, 5.0 didn't offer any oh my god features that would require me to update right away.
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    Then I have a question for you =)

    If I rollback to iconomy 4.6 will plugins that work with 5 work with 4.6? Thanks.
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    Only if they were made to work with both. :( I was lucky that I tried to update to 5.0 the same day it was released and then noticed that it broke all of the economy plugins and was able to save everything.
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    Ugh lol.

    Well then I still need this plugin developed for iconomy 5 lol.

    Plus buyabilities was overly complicated for what I need. I need something very basic and simple from my understanding!
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    I could try, but I'm a bit tied up writing a custom plugin for WeisenCraft and some free plugins and also some plugins for my own little server.

    But don't worry, I have no life. :D So I will get to it in at least a couple of days.
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    YES! I need this as well. Please. Anyone. We need a hero.

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