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  1. Why?
    PvP is fun however you need a way to punish for it, there are plenty of jail plugins out there, but all of them require an admin or a mod to do the jailing and decide the time, there is no way for the users effected to take the law into their own hands. Even if users have jail permission, they just abuse it. Here is my solution.

    Short Description:
    When some one kills another player they get a bounty, other players can then hunt them down and hit them with a gold sword. This sends the killer to jail. Jail time is defined by how large his bounty is. This leaves servers open to have pvp, while not being a blood bath, making a more fun RP experience with no jail abuse.

    Long/Example Description:
    Say Rambo123 kills some people out in the wild, for each person he kills his bounty goes up by $100. When he has a bounty of say, $400 (This should be config), he becomes wanted. If someone does /jail list, they get a list of all the wanted players and all of there bounties. Players with the correct permissions can then chase him down and jail him by hitting him with, lets say a gold sword.

    Rambo123 will then be auto tp'd to the jail (defined by an admin, or someone with define permissions), during his time he cannot break blocks, use tools and perhaps even chat (all should be configurable). His jail time will depend on his bounty, so perhaps 2mins for every $100 of bounty. The player who jailed Rambo123 will get a % of the bounty, and Rambo will loose a % of the bounty that was on him from his own money too.

    Also if a player tries to jail a player who is not wanted, they will get a bounty of.. say $20 for abuse. Finally perhaps Rambo123 is rich, well, then he can pay his own bounty instead of the jail time before he is nabbed with /jail pay.

    Commands and Permissions:
    /jail - shows Your currant bounty on the first line, and suggests users to do /jail ? for help.
    /jail ? - gives a list of all commands and a short description.
    /jail pay - pays your currant bounty from own money
    /jail list - lists currant wanted players

    jail.set - lets a user set the jail location
    jail.user - lets a user be jailed see there bounty
    jail.jailer - lets a user jail other players and see the jail list
    jail.pay - lets a user pay their bounty
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    I really like this idea, good job on thinking about this. I've been struggling with punishing pvp for a long time since we're running an RP server, ' killing' shouldn't be something that happens daily. I hope someone will make this :)
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    klosjaarrr Check the difference between the dates
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    I noticed it, but I guess if he bumps it he still wants the plugin being made? He also editted the topic :p
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    Well, it is considered a necro bump... Not really allowed, new topic would be better ( already reported )
    I will leave it with this
  7. I don't quite see the point in creating more topics when this one is fine, thats just wasting server space. Equally I don't see an issue with raising past requests, even if they are not filled or popular at the time of their first posting that does not make them any less valid.

    Times and interests change, ideas that were once unpopular can become popular, to disregard an idea based on its age is a special kind of ignorance.
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    I really like the idea of this, I would use it on my server.
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    This is a great idea. I'd love to use this, if someone made it.
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    I can probably start working on this. It might take a while though because I am a fairly new coder.
  11. If ye do plan to do it and ye need any help or further explanations lemmy know :3
  12. I'm currently looking for some new plugins to branch out into, so I'd be willing to give this a shot. My only qualm is that I haven't really worked with an economy plugin before, but I doubt that would be very difficult to learn.
  13. First time for everything :3

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