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  1. Hey, I'm the owner of a large server and I'm looking for a block limiter plugin. I know it's been suggested a lot, but I have some good ideas for the plugin to make it work.

    Plugin Name: BlockLimiter
    Main Command: /blocklimiter
    Command Alias: /bl

    • clear <id>
    • check <user>

    It will have some of the following features:
    • You can define the blocks to limit by ID, and the limit in place in a config.
    • The plugin will log each block with that ID placed into a database with coords, time, player name and the block ID, as well as the logs unique ID, like in HawkEye, each log has its own ID.
    • Users can break the block and this will free up a slot for their limits.
    • Only the user who placed the log can break it again.
    • If the block is moved, only admins can break it as it doesn't exist in the database.
    • If blocks are moved with a piston or a plugin that can move blocks a long, the admin can pick up the limited item and give them back to the user when they need to pick them up.
    • Admins can use /bl clear <id> to clear a block from a players total. The ID is the unique ID given to each log.
    Extra notes:
    • It will need to be 1.4.7 compatible
    • Possibly able to update any bugs/errors found without too long of a wait
    If you need anymore information, please let me know.
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  3. This is a different plugin.
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