[REQ] Block Replace [Name Your Prize, i can pay for it]

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    so hows about a drink for me and @V10lator? :D
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    Really? hows he your boss?
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    I'm the official develoer for www.mmpr.org
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    WOW AWSOME, do you gt to help with the PSAs and the servers and stuff.
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    I work on the servers, though they're considering working me into one of the PSAs. I suggestion that I should be the Cable Guy
    I've done a lot of plugins for them... let me make a list of stuff i did just for them..
    • added a crapload of new features to uCreate
    • Created a plugin called "VisitorLimiter" (which limits the amount of blocks 'visitors' can break/place
    • Created a plugin called TimedRank which ranks players up afetr certain time passes
    • Re-crated TF2 Saxton Hale mode in Minecraft.
    • Made a vote to kick/ban plugin
    • gave various advices for various things
    • made some other stuff i dont remember

    maybe not as easy as you might think, but yeah, fairly easy. I'll take a whack at it tomorrow lol.

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    Thats pretty epic dude, you must be proud :)
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    lol. proud to be his slave.
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  8. @DrAgonmoray

    Is this possible for chestes?

    Example, on my RPG server i could have chest around hidden, whit some items, and after some time it gets back for others to take!

    (i am going to pay you both for this plugin btw) :)
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    Chests would be very... difficult. Let's see what @V10lator thinks.
  10. Oh, i thougth so too!:/ But it would be SO good for ANY RPG server on minecraft!!!!
  11. What exactly do you mean with hide? Hide the whole chest or only it's content? And how exactly want you the hide event to happen?

    BTW: I think both should be possible, simply by storing the chests content in RAM, removing the chest, placing it back later and adding the content back. But I'm not sure if it's as easy as it sounds in my head because I never worked with chests before...
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    By hiding he means that he's gooing to place chests in secret locations for people to discover, almost like a dunegon or something.

    And that's the concept I had, but if you have multiple chests stored in RAM, how do you know which one to restore?
  13. write an object which contains an ID (if needed), the location it came from and it's content... And, if he wants it to disappear for X minutes, simply sore the object to the Runnable... ;)

    But if he don't wants them to disappear but only to be on a secret location there's even no need to store the content in RAM...
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    Ok I get the first part, but the second part? We don't need to store it? whaaaa
  15. I still don't get what exactly he wants... :(
  16. I did only meen hide it someplace, not make it gone for a x minutes.. but thats a freaking awsome idea!!! :D When some1 finds it, open it, and takes the things in it, it disepear for like.. x minutes.. and then comeback whit the same items!!! :D damn, is that possible?
  17. And that's possible without storing it's content in RAM as the chest don't leave the game... ;)
    So fixed items always coming back with the chest? Should be possible... With the RAM storage... ;)
  18. Yeah, since i have quest right.. "Go in the Cave and get me the lost pork" (lol) .. and then he goes to the chest, pick it up.. the chest disepear and get back after x minutes so others can do the quest! :D
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    I'm playing tf2 right now, so could you see if you can store an actual chest object in RAM? Like .getState() or something
  20. Why should I try to save the whole chest? If the items in it are fixed we would only have to store ids, amounts and location in the chest... In final variables... ;)

    But I won't have a look into this right now, maybe later.
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    Well I know how imma do it now. I'll do it after i finish playing tf2
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  22. Awsome! I feel like telling you that my team is looking for hiring developer for an new server we are making (its where this plugin is needed)!

    The server is going to be public in about half a year or so, and we have worked in about the same time already too, and we are working serisoly! So, if yah up, lett me know and i will let you get in contact whit mah boss! : ))
  23. And... this is always the place where I'm stocking... when I can see what's needed I can say if I think I'm able to do it and if not, nobody is pissed of... But if I should do "this and that" till "this time" ... well... it breaks me down as... I'm not able to work under stress created by third party persons... :/
  24. Well, we wont stress our developer, and i dont think that will be any problame, since its going to be a good time before the server goes public and reales! What we basicly needs, is developers actualy online on our server, looking at what we do, and then come whit ideas and find better ways to fix problames etc!! Its not like we, "Make This Plugin by friday!" Dont worry about that!! : ))
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    I'm interested. And I'll work on the chest feature right now.

    Well I made it so when you destroy a chest, it comes back with the items in it. However I then remembered that you want the items to come back when you take them from the chest lol. So I'll add that.

    Hm.. I'm stumped. Well played sah.

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  26. Oh, i think i explained a little bad! I dont whant the players to destroy the chest, (but its awsome that, if someone does it, it gets back whit the item aswell, so thats very nice you made) however, what i need is that if someone find the chest, open it and take the.. lets say diamond... the chest disepear when its empty by the player, and then it gets back after... lets say 20 minutes,whit the diamond in it again! :)

    I am sorry if i explained a little wrong!​

    Thats very nice to hear, we really need someone we can work whit, rather than request on the forums, plugin by plugin from different developers! Its better to use the plugins aswell if the same person made it!!:)

    Let me know when you have time, and we can talk more about it! You can come to the server and look what we are doing and planing to do!!:)

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    Mmkai. Just shoot me a message with the details. :D

    I think it's funny how this request is now 99 posts long. Who shall be the hundredth?

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  28. BAM! :D

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