[REQ] Block Replace [Name Your Prize, i can pay for it]

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  1. Greetings,

    I desperately in need of an plugin!

    Lets say i have a tree, and someone breaks a logg from the tree... What i need then to happen, is that 1 logg will get dropped, but the logg get also replaced back!

    I need this to happen to EVERY single block in my hole world! I also need this to work whit the plugin "Regios" so, that things protected whit that plugin, does not get effectet whit this plugin!

    If someone whant to make this, let me know! I am looking for someone that really do this, not comeback after some weeks and tell me he gave up...

  2. So all it should do is adding the block back after a player destroys it + regios? Well, the block part is easy, for the regios I'll have a look at the plugin now. How much are you willing to pay?

    //EDIT: Development state of a completely untested version: 98%, so again: how much...? :D
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  3. Well, i hope some1 can give me an good offer, since i am paying for a lot of plugins these days!

    How about 30$? If you would like more cash for it, you should know that there is other that also asked to make this!

    However it seems to be almost finnish for you, so, it would be very nice to have it soon!!

    I however, could pay more, if it was possible to set time on the respawn of the block! THAT, would be freaking awsome!!

    If you make that, we talk more like 50$!! :)

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    Here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32736336/DropBlocks.jar
    Tell me if it's not how you want, I could easily improve it.
    I also don't expect any money for you, however if you'd like to buy me a soda or something with that button below, I would appreciate it. :) (as I'm just a kid, so I have no money :p)


    My version I posted doesn't do that (respawns instantly) but I'll add that right now. And again, I don't expect any money.

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  5. If you make it that way, i will buy you some soda and some beer!!!:))
  6. @DrAgonmoray: your plugin doesn't seem to handle drops like cobblestone from stone and such "unnormal" drops. Also it seems that it doesn't interact with Regios.
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    In the next release thingy that'll be fixed (and have configurable time)
    And it should work with Regios. I've never used it, but it protects regions similar to WorldGuard, right?

    But don't worry, my version is coming, jus hold tight. And you seriously don't need to buy me nothin'
  8. Oh, well, i need all that to work! Its VERY important, or else its usless!:/ and if the time set to the blocks to get back is possible, i would need that too! It would make the RPG SO much more real!!
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    Just finished. Testing it now, I'll get to you if it works.
  10. Oh, thats so awsome m8!!!

    Yeah its like WorldGuard, but whit much more things added! Basicly, it makes it possible for players to claim plots and give permission to players to join or not! The main reason i need it to not effect Regions,is that i dont whant players to be able to destroy like,... a castle, and get blocks from that! Those are protected whit Regios! Its just everything else!!!:)

    Your the best DrAgonmoray
  11. Well, I also finished but can't test, but I think mine is useless now. :p
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    Okai, with my tests, it works. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32736336/DropBlocks.jar
    Configuration is in /plugins/DropBlocks/config.yml
    If you want any other configuration options added, ask me.
    All I need from you is to test if it works with Regios areas. If Regios works like it should (by cancelling the event) it SHOULD work.

    Oh and Sorry, @V10lator
    I'm not trying to 'beat' you, I just feel bad when people offer large sums of money ( at least it's large to me) for something like a plugin.
  13. I will gladly test both, but when DrAgonmoray saying he dont need that much monney i queese i will take his version, if yours is not better ofc!! I just need it too do all those things i said!! and the time set for respawning must be able to edit!
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    Looking at the Regios source code, I can confirm that it should work with Regios regions. If it doesn't you're doing something wrong lol.
  15. Testing it now!!!:)

    respawnTime: 30


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    yeah, seconds. I can change it to minutes or hours if ya like. Sorry for the uncertainty lol
  17. ITS WORKING!!! :D

    Regios is checked, working perfectly! :D

    The items is respawning, only just some lagg, some items comes before 30 seconds.. like.. lets say i destroy 10 blocks in a row, from the one side to the other, but they dont respawn back the same way i did break! However, that is not so big problame, but when peoples destroy trees, some logs just random respawn in air, not the one in the ground first!:/

    Can you make it to minutes instead?
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    I could probably fix the issue you mentioned if you wanted me to, but it would take some extra work. I suppose I'll get crackin'!

    And yeah, I'll change it to minutes.
  19. Well, just decompiled @DrAgonmorays code, oh, I mean... :D
    Well, in fact it does exactly the same like mine, but the regios part is handled better (I completely forgott about priorities and hooked into Regios...).
    But I have a few questions:
    1. Why are you using a HashMap, convert that to an iterator, ... instead of storing the TypeID and the Data value directly into the runnable?
    2. Why a byte for the delay, which should be a Long?
    3. I think storing the block over a few ticks and then changing it isn't save. Why won't you simply save the blocks location and get it back from that when needed?

    Here's my code if it'll help you: http://pastebin.com/05UpvrUa :)

    Could be caused by 1,2 and 3... :D

    //EDIT²: BTW: lib24times API has a countdown function working with ingame hours & minutes... ;)
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  20. It would be nice if you could m8!!! Since this plugin will be the main plugin for my RPG server, and i need it to be right !

    However, its a DAMN good jobb you have done m8!! I am so happy you did it so damn fast!!! :)

    I have tested some more now, and if you break manythings fast, they just auto respawn just after you break it!! Seems like the plugin gets overload!:/

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    1. long story. that's already been changed though
    2. what..?
    3. I just realized I used async instead of sync. thanks for pointing that out. I always do that >_<

    yeah will be fixed. i don't know why i used hashmaps lol.

    Oh and why u be decompiling my plugin? I know why they call you the Violator now, lol.

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  22. 1. Fine. :)
    2. My mistake, I'm very tired right now, sorry... :(
    It wasn't me, it was jad! :p No, seriously, I just wanted to help, that's the reason why I gave my code to you, too...
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    I was kidding, I know. And I appreciate it. :) (i'm not too good with threads or tasks tbh)
    I haven't tested it, but I used some of V10's code.

    If you plan on paying/donating, make sure to give some to both @V10lator and myself. We each did pretty much the same things, however each of had faults and more elegant ways of doing somethings. :)
  24. Lovly! Testing it as wee speek! Is the time now minutes?:)))
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    I just tested it and it works rather beautifully. :)
    Thank goodness for V10 actually knowing how to use tasks.
    And yes, it's minutes.
  26. Yeah it was!! It worked JUST 100% awsome now!! thank you SO much!!! you did my server just the way i needed now!!! :D
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    Glad both myself and @V10lator could help.
  28. I am just asking, dont take this as something i request!

    Is it possible (if it is, is it much/hard work?) to have this in config:
    (this is just an example, hope you understand what i mean)

    respawnTime: 2
    items: 204 040 2 29

    respawnTime: 5
    items: 10

    like, i can change time on different blocks?

    Its just that, when someone farm logs its okey to get it back after like, 5-10 minutes! But diamonds, it should take more time, like, 30 min and stuff!

    All this is materials for quest! My server is JUST RPG! No one can build, and EVERYSINGLE block in the world is build by us!!

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  29. It should be possible and it shouldn't be to hard to implement as the idemIDs are still used in the codes. It would be some simple if/else statements, like:
    if(old == 204)
      delay = X;
    else if(old == 040)
      delay = Y;
    else // default
      delay = Z;
    just the part to read that from the config and bring it in a nice format could be a bit tricky, I think.
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    I think I can manage that. I need to ponder what the config would look like though. :)

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