[REQ] Block Place/Break and Mute

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    Hello to all the developers out there,
    yet again we here at bloxcraft server, are looking for a new, yet simple plugin.

    A plugin which disables placing, Breaking blocks and keeps them muted.
    Everytime they try to do something listed from above (chatting/interacting), a message which should be customizable, which color function should appear.

    This should be supported with PEX, so maybe use Vault?
    The group which should be disabled from being aloud to interact with any of the features listed above, should have a perm node...

    perm: no.break

    Each group which has does perms may not do the following listed above

    Please reply soon or PM us...

    Plugin needed: ASAP
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    This is already done, u have the pm. Anyway...
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    You can use my tourist plugin (includes "Vault").
    Disable all other features and you should be fine.
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    You do know this is included in PermissionsEx using Modifyworld right?
    Modfiyworld stops people from placing, destroying, sleeping, all that stuff and more.
    The only thing it doesn't have which you are looking for is the customizable messages.

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