[REQ] Binding tools with items!

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  1. Suggested name: ItemBind

    What I want: The ability to bind a tool/weapon/some other item to yourself, and keeping it in the inventory after death. But you would lose the ability to drop and store the item while it is bound to you.

    How the binding would work:
    Place the item you want to bind to the crafting area in your inventory/bench, along with a needed binding item that is configured by the admin(e.g. lapis, diamond...). That would craft you a bound item, that could say "Bound" in item description. The required binding material would be used in the process.

    It can work the same for unbinding, but a different item is needed. The result would be that you'd be able to drop/store the item.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: Not needed (or just itembind.bind)
  2. Any interests?
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    What would happen if a player binded a full inventory to there-selves? Consider using a command to bind and unbind instead. xP
  4. An option in the config could allow a certain number of items that can be bound to the player at one time. Commands that use the binding item could work too, but I prefer avoiding them, if possible

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