[REQ] Battle Warp! With playerjoin, region time, and winnerrecord. $100 for developer as start!

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    Plugin Request:

    Battle Warp
    How does battlewarp work?

    Battlewarp is a plugin, that warps you and another player to a specific place ingame, usually a worldguard region, where you can fight another player.
    However battlewarp is a special plugin, that checks if both players are joined, if not the battle won't start, and the players will not be teleported. The plugin will give both
    players 30 seconds to type the command, after the first person has typed the command. If it is not typed within 30 seconds, the command will be canceled, leaving the "virtual waiting room" empty again. (Making another 2 people able to join the arena)

    The command will let you "login" into the so called "waiting room", after the other player joined the "waiting room" by typing the "login" command, the battle will start in for example 5 seconds.
    Both players will spawn into the worldguard / defined region, somewhere defined with warps. (Left side and Right side), as an example.
    Now both players can start the fight!

    While the fight is going on, the plugin will check the time that has passed since the start of the fight, for example 3 minutes. After 3 minutes the fight will end regardless if there is a winner or not.
    And both players will be teleported outside. If there is a winner however, he will be able to pick the other players inventory up in the area, (worldguard region) and wait for the 3 minutes to pass.
    The other player that dies in this time, will just spawn outside of the region, at his default spawn point, having nothing left. ;) (They just die)

    Options implented eventually:
    -> The plugin will check if the players try to abuse it, if someone fails to let the other player join 3 times, he will be unable to use the command for 15 minutes.
    -> Players can only play the arena 3 times, with the exact same oppenment in a row.
    -> Winner record, keep track of the winners and wintime etc, in a logfile perhaps ;) maybe accesable with /battlestats

    Plugin summary:

    Basicly it's a plugin that will warp your players inside a region they cannot escape out, with plugins like worldguard, combattag, and nocheat, and others this is hopefully a as fair as it can be, pvp 1 vs 1 fight, or maybe later team vs team fight.

    Why no Classes etc?
    There are plugins for this already, however people enjoy to fight for the inventory of other players, like they're armour, enchantment swords, bows, etc.

    If this plugin gets developed I will donate 100$ to the developer at start, after the plugin works like it is supposed to be, errors and small bugs left out ;) Ah well you know what I mean. "Make everyone happy" :)

    The Plugin in work:

    1) SupaYoshi types /battle,
    2) Message comes up: |Welcome to the BattleWarp| Please let the opponent join the Battle by letting him type /battle too!
    3) SupaMario types /battle,
    4) Message comes up for both players: |Get ready, FIGHT!| 5,4,3,2,1. ->
    5) Both players get warped to they're side of the region. randomly picked.
    6) SupaYoshi loses from SuperMario, Mario earns the inventory of SupaYoshi, SupaYoshi ends up at spawn or his home, or wherever. Mario waits paciently to get warped out of the

    Why a worldguard region?
    Because it is possible to disable certain commands inside a worlguard region, making it perfect for anti spawn, fhome, tpaccept, tpa, so on, also combined with combattag, that only does this when the player gets attacked, making it possible to fly for the attacker, or call backup inside a region, a worldguard region is all you really need ;)

    Why use worldguard?
    Beacause alot of servers use it, and why code something that is already there ;) for regions and the neccesary protection.

    Why this request?
    Because people would love this in my opinion and others.
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    What timeframe are you thinking?
  3. I could do this for you. Just a few questions: You want each player to teleport to a specific point. How do you want to specify this point? Do you want the players to be unable to move out of the arena region or do you cover that for yourself (with walls, for example)?
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    I've been working on this all day, I'm approx. 60% done. Should be finished by sunday. :)
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    Ahh the unitedfactions server owner. . . You got this idea from BattleCraft didnt you? ;)

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