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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by sddddgjd, Aug 1, 2011.

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    So,i've been looking for something like this all day,and i think it just needs to be coded...here's what i know (and think) of the current quest plugins that use npc's:​
    It's awesome,you can set them up however you want,but i'm looking for something much more basic (like Iconomy vs BOSeconomy)​
    -Using uquest:​
    Exactly what i was looking for,but it is full of bugs,as the plugin hasn't been updated in a while,and making quests is pretty hard...​
    -Using epicquest:​
    The NPC's can only give random quests,which kinda sucks,and half of it isn't working... (you can't complete quests,like get the reward...,and the commands don't make any sense)​
    The quester isn't done yet...i have no idea how it works! :)
    So,this is my idea of a basic plugin:​
    It uses Citizens and Iconomy,so you can make them walk around,guard,heal you,etc...BUT they also get an id , to show their number!​
    To set an npc up for questing,you type "/npc [id] add quest [questname]​
    And you can do this as many times as you want,and these quests will be given in the order you type them in!​
    To remove: "/npc [id] remove quest [questname]"​
    Of course,there will be a "list" command to show how many quests a NPC has assigned...​
    Now,for the actual quests...i would prefer them to be in separate files,but since that doesn't seem possible,i'll just write it as a usuall quest file:​
    Name:(name of the quest,the one used in the commands)​
    Begin:(What it will tell you before you accept the quest)​
    End:(What it will tell you after you finish the quest)​
    Requirements: (i'll explain this in the example)​
    Reward: (same)​
    An example:​
    Name:Gimme some wood!​
    Begin: Hey there,pal! Tell you what,i'm busy today,no time to do my job,so how about you bring me some wood from that forest? I'll owe you one,and give you some cash!​
    End: And they tell me i don't know how to do my job....​
    10*wood ([number of items] * [item])​
    [The next quest,that bar of lines will mean the end of the current one]​
    I think it would be easy to use,and very helpfull...you should notice it kinda looks like uquest,except less commands and a different Quest edit...​
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    Citizens works great, You set what you want them to say, And you can make them different classes, I know there's A trader, quest, buyer, Etc... And you can give them items so that when people are walking to them they can access the item by right clicking. :) Hope this helped http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-fun-citizens-v1-0-9d-npcs-for-bukkit-1000.7173/
    And did you even search plugins before you asked this question? Or google it? because the plugin is right here with EXACTLY what you need. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/rp...nks-uquest-epicquest-and-citizens-1000.20677/
    Remember google is your friend...
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    I already talked about those two plugins in my original post...i can't use citizens because the quester isn't done,and npc-quester has 2 options,one of them is full of errors(hasn't been updated in a while) and the other one only gives random quests and is really bugged...
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    +1 for this thing,can anyone PLEASE make this happen?
    It's the perfect combination of comfort and functionality,and while you'll be able to do complicated stuff using citizens,setting quests will be cake! :D
    Kinda reminds me of NPC-Quester with UQuest,but it's so full of bugs,and i think the creator is on holiday! :((
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    Right now,i'm started learning java/bukkit,just to create it myself! (I'll start with a basic quest plugin,and then hook it to citizens! For an experienced coder,the quest plugin as i have it in mind should only take 2 hours tops,too bad no1's interested... :()

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