[REQ] Auto-Regen - Replace your world with an older one - Automatically!

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    Plugin category: MECH/ADMIN/WGEN

    Suggested name: AutoRegen - Auto World Regeneration!

    What I'd like:

    I'd like to be able to regenerate a user-created map (it would be like deleting the current map, and replacing it with the map you'd want. It could maybe paste a defined region automatically at a random place and then execute /setspawn?)(ie: you transfer the map to the /plugins/autoregen/map folder), and when you type /ar regen it would place that map in it's original place, retaining chest contents, furnace contents etc. You would also be able to set a timer for auto-regen, this would be useful for timed CTF maps etc, so it would regenerate after a period you could set either in the config or by using /ar settimer [time] <m|s|h> (minute(s)/second(s)/hour(s)). Users would also be able to use /ar remaining to see the time remaining until the next regen. You'd be able to set what this message says in the config using variables [t] for time, [ u] for user, [mn] for mapname etc. Maybe, there could even be support for multiple maps, and you could enable/disable random map changes.
    It could possibly utilise a multi world plugin, and be required. Heck, I wouldn't mind!

    Ideas for commands:

    /ar - Main command (AutoRegen)
    /ar aregen - Manually regenerate the map
    /ar asettimer [time] <m|s|h>
    /ar remaining - Remaining time until next restart/user defined message (config!)
    /ar arandommap [on|off] - Random map selection (?)

    Ideas for permissions:

    autoregen.admin - Can use /ar commands prefixed with an a (eg: /ar aregen or /ar asettimer)
    autoregen.status - Can use /ar remaining

    Devs who might be interested
    (I'm pretty new here, so sorry if you aren't interested, I don't know too many Devs :p)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, if possible! Thanks. :)

    Anybody interested in this? I just kinda thought it might be interesting/useful for servers who want to do stuff like:
    -Run hunger games maps without conflicts w/ other plugins
    -CTF map time limits and then auto/random map regen
    -Zombie Apocalypse survival (what I would be planning to use it for)

    Would this be possible?

    le-bumpedy rump.

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    Maybe.. I... Might.. Do.. It..
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    Ah! I couldn't thank you enough if you did!
    Thank you so much for considering, -_Husky_- !
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    not sure sbout selecting the map from a folder, but i can certainly restore natural state of all blocks broken?

    As changing the map completely would require some crazy hard stuff?.

    Unless i tied it into a few things
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    Alright, that sounds good to me!
    Thanks alot, man. I really appreciate it as I need it for my apocalypse server :)
    You could always use something like MV as a requirement (if needed, and the author agrees?)
    edit: Would the multiple map thing be possible (and easy) -_Husky_-?
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    Well multiple map, hm, not too sure, depends, define what you need multiple map for
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    Like, map switching. I need it so I can have 3/4 maps in rotation for an Apocalypse scene. Using multiple maps would mean that it wouldn't get boring etc..
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    Ok,im not too sure how to send the player chunks from a world file.. codename_B do you know how?

    Edit - im overthinking, this is easy
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    -_Husky_-, The maps would be stored server-side. They'd just need to be switched up after a certain amount of time. That's all I'm really asking for.
  10. Yes, I do know. But as McHeaven ( beleg ) and me are working on a apocalyspe plugin and the OP told:
    I won't share it as I would directly help a concurrency plugin.

    BTW: MayaApocalypse in its current state handles world resetting pretty good. It doesn't even need a copy of the world. Well, no direct copy, it's a bit more complicated, using its own chunk format which saves itself to disk after some time and reloads instantly if needed. :)
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    Yeah, but, would it be alright if i just tped them to a new world?

    Im overthinking this way too hard, i was thinking load the chunks and data from a file and then send it to the client. Geezuz
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    Ah! V10lator, it's perfect. All it needs is time based roation, and I'm as happy as can be!
    If you need a tester, too, I can assure you I'll use it.
    /me goes to look up MayaApocalypse
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    Do you still need this? :)?
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    -_Husky_- TP'd them to a new world after a certain amount of time, and then removed the other world/reloaded it would be fine, but I don't think I need this anymore.
  15. Should work, but completely removing/unloading a world is something I never thought about. I heard from various sources that it's very hard (if not impossible).

    //EDIT: itsCrafted MayaApocalypse isn't released yet.
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    Alright, well thanks for your input, V10lator and -_Husky_-, but I think I'll use V10lator's plugin. Should be what I need!
    Thanks :)
    /Edit: I know it isn't released. Any ETA?
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    If you ever need anything, tag me, :). Have fun!
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    Oops! Sorry I keep choppin' and changin'.
    Right, I saw this on the MayaApocolypse BukDev page:
    When all your players died (or you choose to stop the apocalypse by command) the destroyed world will reset to the state before.
    That's all I need. Just that. Nothing else.
    Thanks for your support, I guess I'll just go bug some other devs :p
    V10lator, any chance of this being released on it's own?
  19. Not before MayaApocalypse is released as all the codes inside are secret till then. You may find some codes at the forums here if you search good enough, but they are outdated, not 100% functional, may contain bugs and I'm not sure atm if I ever posted snippets of the regenerating part. Sorry. :(
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    -_Husky_- I would very much like to see you create that mod. What i need is a mod that will take a current map i have saved in my server files, and restore it ever x amount of hours. I'd like to do that ever 24 hours. I am using multiverse and have a "resource" map i need to reset to its current state (with a nice little camp to spawn in) ever 24 hours, so something along those lines would be lovely! What do ya think?
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    Not sure why you put me down for being interested. Sorry, I'm not your man.
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    Why not just write a plugin that automates the calling of some worldedit commands?

    Could you do the same thing quick and dirty that way?

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