[REQ] Arrow Turrets Update?

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How many really want this plugin?

  1. ME!!!

  2. Nope!!

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  3. Meh...

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    Truth be told,
    I don't see a reason for this plugin since it would lag a server, most likely wont work with the new arrows, and may crash a server.
    Secondly, this could be easily done with Falsebook by simply placing a player detector to a inverter to a repeater circuit which would apply to a dispenser or a arrow dispenser Intergrated Circuit.
    Thirdly, please do not bump your own posts. If no one takes interest in your request I believe there is a reason. (I know that sounds rude, sorry)

    Though if a plugin developer wishes to put this under their belt then no one is stopping them.

    EDIT: I am bored so I am going to help your cause by saying this: Hey Dev's, the source code for this mate's plugin is here
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    Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah I kinda knew I shouldn't have bumped it :p. But thanks for the tip about Falsebook (Spin-off of Craftbook?)
    Anyways thanks for supporting the cause!! :D
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    this plugin is better then the falsebook arrow shooter sicne the ArrowTurrets track player movement for arrow directions and it works with the current CraftBukkit but the current version of arrowturrets is laking some stuff like the working delete turret command and multiworld
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    Looking at the source it would need a complete rewrite =/ and the tracking would need to rely on OnPlayerMove which creates lag on servers very quickly. Could possibly be made more efficient by not calling the event all the time but still when you had a few players in a chunk with a turret it would lag... Wish there was a better way to do it, tell me if there is.

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