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    Plugin category: [anti-cheat]

    Suggested name: Anti-Tracer / Limited-Tracer

    A bit about me: I'm starting a new pvp server but players with hacked clients ruin the fun with tracers. They can find people who are more then 250 blocks away or undergrounds...

    What I want: A plugin that prevents the server from sending data about players locations up to a fixed distance. I know that the lines/tracers are client side but could limit the distance (between players) from which the server sends you the data about other players locations.

    So you only receive the data about other players locations if you can see them in-game.​

    Ideas for commands:

    Ideas for permissions:


    could use some feedback...

    Could someone inform me if it's possible...

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    Once again, not possible. It's client side and has nothing to do with the server.
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    I know that the lines/tracers are client side but couldn't you limit the distance (between players) from which the server sends you the data about other players loctions.
    for example: you only receive data about the players loctation if you can see them in-game.
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    Not sure, but even if you did, it still doesn't prevent tracers. You can't prevent them.
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    Limited distance is all i need,
    because the tracers i saw could locate people more then 250 blocks away
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    Well, why don't you just force spout only? cant mod that.
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    Dude. He asks for limited distance instead of tracer removal. -> You comment tracers can't be removed.
    He tells you that he didn't ask for that but for limited distance. -> You comment tracers can't be removed.

    The plugin should be relatively easy to make. There are already plugins that make players invisible to specific other players. Just have to change the groupcheck to distance/line of sight check.
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    Indeed! and it would help a lot of pvp servers :)
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    You could just set the renderdistance to something very low...
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    could you please post some helpful feedback...
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    It's not gonna work. The way tracers work is by looping through the loaded entity list in the client, and drawing a line to the coords with OpenGL. The loaded entity list contains all entities in the server. If you spoof where the player is, defeats the point. It's just not practical.

    Yes you can. Spoutcraft is open source.
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    Did you just come here again to say tracers can not be removed and hiding the player location instead defeats the point?
    The point HAS BEEN hiding the location for whole time...

    I seriously start to doubt your reading comprehension skills.
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    If you dont send clients the players packets it will make it so the tracer cant find the players like vanishnopacket
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    Then legit players can't see people. As I said, editing packets wouldn't be practical. You people obviously have no idea how the client works.
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    I know how it works you would just need to check the line of sight to see if you could actually see the player and if they can send the packets just to that player
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    All he wants is not sending data of players that are far away but would normally still be detectable with a tracer. If a player is near, it is visible again, of course, so legit players will be able to see them.
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    yes, that's it
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    With the new vanish API it would be very easy to make a plugin that hides a player for another player if he is at least X blocks away, and shows him again if he gets closer.
    You could even make a plugin that checks if there is a clear line of sight between two players and would hilde a player if he is hidden behind a wall or other solid blocks. This would probably add notable load to the CPU though. You should do a mix of both, so the plugin would not trace the line of sight between all players on the server every tick.
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    I have an idea as to how to do this :) But you can't have it, because you made all these irritating posts :D
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    Without those "irritating" post you had never read this topic because it would be on page 5...
    and i don't want to own this plugin. I want a public plugin for me and all the other server owners so everyone can play on a hack/cheat free server
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    This would be REALLY good! Its really annoying for HC/PvP games if anyone could find anyone!
    It would be much appreciated!
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    good to know that i'm not the only one who wants this plugin :)
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    Sir Savary

    All of you shutup and stop arguing, plugin request has started into flame thread.

    This plugin is entirely possible bu controlling packets. If I get time, I will look into this as I could use it for my server.
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    I would appreciate that

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