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    hello everybody i am requesting a plugin for the 1.8 build when it is out. because of 1.8 animals don't despawn or spawn which means you can make a farm except they are hard to catch and also cant breed. so this plugin makes it when you right click on a farm animal with string then it follows you until you right click on it again and after a while the animals multiply, except chickens when they lay an egg before it despawns then a chicken is spawned where the egg is and with sheep after a while they get there fur back. the cool thing about 1.8 is that you can plant watermelons and pumpkins except they only grow one, so if you plant the seed then it grows a melon or pumpkin and then after a wile it wile grow leaves and then another pumpkin or melon so that you can have a farm. there could even be apple trees so if you plant them after a wile they spawn red wool(apples), brown wool(cocoa beans) and yellow wool(golden apples), and you destroy the wool and it gives you an apple or cocoa bean. I think this would be a good idea for a plugin because of there being the hunger bar. please tell me if somene will try to make this or if it can be made.

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