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    The easiest way to request this plugin is to compare it to the anime "Full Metal Alchemist"(FMA)
    I think it would be cool to be able to use redstone to create transmutation circles that can then do certain tasks/create blocks by sacrificing something of equal value for it. The "gate" idea from FMA could be implemented by making it so when you die you are taken to another world. The players who have not died can attempt to bring the player back using alchemy and if they fail the player they tried resurrecting comes back as a humoncules(with humoncules type abilities) and the alchemist if they survive can use alchemy without a circle(now a command). The gate itself could be pre-designed which spawns in both worlds linking or become its own world itself. The philosopher stone can be added using the creation concept from the show (human sacrifice and specific secret circles). It would be neat to see a whole landscape turned into something else using transmutation circles.Etc.
    Really I would just love seeing fma like features being added to minecraft smp :)
    -I have more ideas but I'd rather let who ever wants to attempt at making this plugin use their ideas since I am far from a plugin developer and my ideas of the limitations are vague. If you would want more of my ideas though I would love to share and let you interpret.
    (I am aware of runecraft and other magic plugins)
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    there is a plugin like this Called Geometric Magic unfortunately its inactive and unsupported :/ has everything you were asking for but it needs to add permission nodes

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