[REQ] A plugin thats makes Vaults

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by TheSketch, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Im looking for someone to make a plugin that allows you to define points that can be used as a vault for players to rent, using BOSEconomy money.
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    Yes i'm looking for this too. I need something to define the points between which only one player can access chests and doors and stuff.
    Could it be made possible that the area would be purchasable by just a sign. So that if a player needs a vault he just clicks the sign and the area connected to it would be his (maybe even for a set period). Maybe make it so that players would need to pay something to get the vault, virtual money or real items (preferably real items).
    Another possibility would be that you could put a sign and if a player clicks it a preset area around the sign would activate the vault.
    Adding limitations and warnings to this would make it totally awesome.
    This would make real banks/vaults easier to make and handle.
    If such a thing doesn't already exist? :p
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    I suggest speaking to creators of plugins that involve the locking of chests. Only recommendation I have.
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    Or it could use WorlGuard to define the safe area. Then only the sign/economy part of the plugin would have to be made.
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    Yes I think a safe area that can be triggered by a sign is what i'm looking for.

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