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    Im just throwing this out there. Im not sure how the existing MCBans works, however I have heard some bad things about it. Can anyone confirm this, and this request is my attempt at getting a team together to make a fair and helpful ban/warning system for administrators.

    Global ban system.

    Heres how it works.

    If you get banned from a server, upon joining another server with the same plugin, it reads from the database and logs the IP and the Username from the person joining. If they correspond to a ban on the site it alerts the administrators via console or in game This person has <number> infractions.

    Also, as the database grows it shows known usernames for the IP address and bases the infractions on the IP address.

    So this is how it would appear.

    I chose the name Integrated Automated Ban System (IABS)

    IABS ID:<id here> - <ip address> Has <number of infractions> under their ip address.
    This IP address has <number> known aliases.
    <List aliases>


    The problem with a global ban system is that you dont know how rules work on other servers or how those servers operate. In order to promote fairness IABS I have come up with this system.

    Upon banning the admin gets a ticket number. When you sign up on the website with an account (also have the ability to add other member accounts under you) you have the ability to insert that ticket number and add a description of why the person was banned.

    Tickets that are not submitted for a ban, the person has a week before it is taken off their record.

    Tickets that are submitted and have legitimate reason for ban not i.e. I dont like this person. They stay on for 2 weeks.

    After recieving 5 infractions from 5 different servers before their infractions expire, the person is then banned for a week.

    Once the week has passed they will be able to log back into the server however, it will also add

    IABS ID:<idhere> - <IP ADDRESS> has been banned once before. Proceed with caution.
    This IP address has <number> known aliases.
    <List aliases> - Seen on server before? <yes/no>

    Change the colors etc to reflect this.

    Then if it happens that they rack up 5 infractions in a month after being unbanned they are banned for 6 months from any servers using IABS.

    After that its 2 months on probation same deal although then its final.

    I believe this system works best. Specifically it gives users the benefit of the doubt. If they are new doing the same thing that many times and breaking that many server rules, they must be up to something.

    This also takes into account multiple aliases and usernames. In addition to other servers that use the plugin being able to track multiple usernames and ip addresses.

    Whenever someone logs in under an existing username in the database and new ip it also logs that new IP and adds it to the database as an ip under that username.

    MYSQL table format.

    - ID
    - usr_names <read from tbl_names>
    - usr_ips <read from tbl_ips>
    - usr_reg <date first infraction>
    - usr_infrnum <number of infractions add up from database tbl_infr>
    - usr_prob <user probation type 0,1,2 read from tbl_tprob>
    - usr_pdate <date placed on probation if 1 or 2>
    - usr_fban <user final ban? yes/no>
    - usr_servers <servers the user has been banned from read from tbl_servers>
    - ID
    - nm_username
    - ID
    - ip_usr
    tbl_infr <infractions table>
    - ID
    - infr_usr <read user id from tbl_users>
    - infr_date
    - infr_srv <read from registered server list tbl_servers>
    - infr_reason <reason from server on ban>
    - infr_tnum <infraction ticket number rand generated>
    - infr_confirm <yes/no if confirmed on website through ticket#>
    - infr_cby <confirmed by who regarding the server. read from tbl_srvmem or primary server user in tbl_servers>
    - infr_reg <ID number from infraction registered on site tbl_webinfr>
    - ID
    - prob_type
    0 - none
    1 - First Offense
    2 - Second Offense

    - ID
    - srv_username
    - srv_pass
    - srv_ip
    - srv_date  <date registered>
    - srv_bans <bans unconfirmed #>
    - srv_cbans <confirmed bans>
    - srv_members <read from tbl_srvmem>
    - ID
    - mem_usrname
    - mem_pass
    - mem_date <date added>
    - mem_cbans <bans they have confirmed read from tbl_infr>
    Thats pretty much what i've got. If someone could make it happen or talk to me and we can get a team together to make it happen, let me know.
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    The only bad thing I heard about MCBans is Team Avo using alts to get around bans.
    Care to explain a little more about "bad things"?
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    I'd rather not if they are only rumors. In any case, this setup here would eliminate the problem of alts, also by alerting the staff of the server it would allow them to at least be aware of the username especially if it has been banned.

    I suppose a way to check this would also be to put in if someone has more than 10-20 usernames attached to an ip or ip addresses as outlined above. Then it could be permanantly banned that way.

    Again, by displaying this information to the staff of the server you'd see. Hey this person was just banned, or this person was banned previously ok then, "ban".
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    I wouldn't mind moderating the bans and stuff so if your interested in help PM me.
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    What i really need a is a team willing to work on something like this. I can handle the webhosting and database. I need someone to actually make the plugin in its entirety.

    Its not that we as a team would be moderating the bans. That should in general be automatic based on the system described, it would be upkeep and updating at the most and initial development.

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