[REQ] A basic Disable Chat plugin

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by lysandergray, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I would be very grateful if someone could make a very basic plugin to simply disable all chat. No commands and no permissions. If it would be possible to display a message like "Chat is disabled on this server." when someone tries to talk, that would be even better.
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    You can always not give them permission to talk.
    For example - PermissionEX [ModifyWorld]

    Don't give them the permission node
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    Your promoting something dead! What a sham...
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    It was an example.
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    Fine, have it your way ;)

    Did you even look for a plugin to do this?

    Edit: OnTopic is a user :O
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    Yes, I have. There are numerous Chat and Permissions plugins, but what I'm looking for is one that does just that, disables chat, without any frills. There is no such plugin available at the moment.
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    I made a plugin called cantSpeak a while ago. But the link is down and i cant find my source :/.
    Maybe i can find it on my other computer, hang on.
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    it should be very simple, give me a few minutes.

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