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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by w00t_, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Now I am working on PVP server, I have made arena, but now I need some plugins to make it more fun.
    So I need following plugins:
    • Specific drop on death - I fount this plugin [Drop-on-death], but its not exactly what I want. It's required that player on death doesn't drop items stored in his inventory, I want them to be deleted permanently, but still drop something I want, like iron ore for example.
      [updated 9:35]
      Also it would be great that when player re-spawns specific items would be given, with configurable amount.
    • Random re-spawn in my set locations - Now i am using [Graveyard v0.4.4], again works fine, but what I need is random spawn at any pre-set location, not nearest, maybe it's configurable but I don't really know much about plugins so I can't do it
    Waiting for your replies and just in case sorry for my English.
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    Hmm, I never made any plugin, but I am interested in your first idea, I will try to make it :D
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    The first one seems simple. I'll see if i can do it or not :)

    (also, the second one; maybe. It would have to have a command like "/spawnpoint set" at their location.
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    I've used graveyard before and it is configurable to warp the user to the nearest spot.

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