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Discussion in 'Resources' started by carlgo11, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Hello ya'll, I've created an API that implements's api.
    This api makes it easier to send reports to support channels, (like #essentials on for example).



    • No more need for asking for the server log and/or config! This api sends the plugin's config.yml and the latest.log to pastebin. (Sending the latest.log can be turned of by the server owner)
    • Can be configured to interact with other urls! If your plugin have a irc support you can set the players names on irc to their pastebin link! (This has been used by PreventIp)
    • Reports won't be indexed by crawlers! The pastebins are set to be unlisted by default. This means that crawlers like google and yahoo won't be able to index the pastebins.


    I've created a on github that should explain how to implement the api and use it.


    • A account
    • A pastebin devkey (Instructions on how to get a devkey can be found on github)
    • Basic java skills (If you've managed to create a plugin it shouldn't be hard to implement this)
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    Thanks, this'll be useful c;
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    Glad you liked it :)
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