Replace words for another ( Babeltalk )

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Johnny Lunder, May 29, 2012.

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    Johnny Lunder

    No, do not suggest CensorIt, it doesn't work. Horribly coded and just doesn't work. HeroChat also is out of the question, due to conflicts with TownyChat which I'm using.
    What I am searching for is a plugin that via YML ( or any other format really ) makes you able to switch out any word for any other word, like "you" changes to "me" and "that" to "this" written raw to the game.
    Needed due to "Babeltalk"-weekends we used to have, but no longer can due to CensorIt just doesn't work and HeroChat conflicts with TownyChat. Just want a SIMPEL OVERRIDE.
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    Johnny Lunder

    Good suggestion, but CensorShip doesn't work for me, no idea what the conflict is.
    And no, there's not plenty of plugins that does what I'm asking for, almost everyone only censors the words, no customizability on individual censoring. I've been searching for months for something that works like HeroChat.

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