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    Rennegade - TheBasics - It does just that.
    Download: Not available yet

    TheBasics, gives you the basic essentials(Not referring to the plugin), along with basic server management at full customization. Create a custom world for a single player(Even protect it so, only that player can join it!), Have a world that you only want OP's to join? No problem! With the configuration file you can do just that. Thats not all the TheBasics gives you/does. View the features list for more details.

    • Protect certain worlds(So only certain players can join, or a certain group!), You can also create a custom world for a certain player and give them the option to either protect it so only he can join that world/build there or leave it open for everyone(at the use of a command)
    • A few basic kits(redstone - Gives you the basic redstone materials, dtools - Gives you a set of diamond tools, darmor - gives you a set of diamond armor, Archer - Gives you a archer set. More can be added on request and may even add a configuration to create your own kits)
    • Globally disable lava placing/tnt/water or disable it for certain worlds and even certain players.
    • Globally disable creepers, or disable them from spawning in certain worlds.
    • Customization, almost everything is customizable or can be done by a command.
    • Set the MOTD/Welcome message, aswell as setting upto 20 tips!
    • Ability to lock the server - Password protected. (Configurable password of course)
    • Set what blocks can be placed in what worlds(This may not be added, still not sure)
    • Custom welcome message for new players, and OPs
    • A configurable item to break blocks instantly(Like a superpickaxe)
    • UnArchive
    • Place all the contents from the zip archive(Except the README) into your plugins folder
    • Edit the configuration file to your needs.
    Configuration File:
    Servername: Test
    MOTD: true
    tMOTD: this is the message of the day
    Welcome_Message: true
    tWelcome_Message: This is the welcome message.
    tNWelcome_Message: true
    tOP_Welcome_Message: true
    OP_Welcome_Message: This is the welcome message for an OP!
    NWelcome_Message: This is the welcome message for a new player.
    Wlist: false
    Blist: false
    WlistMessage: You're not on the whitelist!
    BlistMessage: You're on the blacklist fool!
    Lock: false
    LockOP: false
    LockOPMessage: You're not an OP and cannot login to this server!
    Password: None
    Exceptions: OP
    Worlds: Testworld
    GLava: false
    GWater: true
    GTnt: false
    Creepers: true
    Animals: true
    Mobs: true
    AWorlds: Adminworld
    CWorlds: CustomWorld
    Mkit: KitMessage!
    View the README or wiki for more details on the configuration file and how to configure it, and what everything means.


    Version: 1.1
    • Custom messages for a few commands(Plan on adding more)
    • Few new add-on's to the 'lock' feature.
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