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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Gorbit99, Nov 27, 2015.

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    I'm creating a plugin, where when you click an item in your inventory, it gets into an other one. I'm doing this by spawning the item in the other inventory, then removing 1 from the amount of items. The problem is, whne there's only 1 item. The item gets into the GUI, but it won't get deleted. How could I fix that?

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    Check if the amount is 1, then rather than setting the amount to 0 set the slot to empty.
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    If the amount you're setting the item to is less than 1, the itemstack will set the amount back to 1. You need to check if the amount it would be if you removed 1 would be less than 1, and if so, use Inventory.remove(the Itemstack instance).

    BTW. A simple google search would have given you the answer.
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    Tried that, that's the problem
    "Use .remove()" every single time
    Will try that, thanks

    Ok, I used inventory.clear(int) instead

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