Removing enchants from players armor

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by _Lotuz217, Mar 31, 2017.

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    I try to make that if player moves and he's armor enchantment level is bigger than durability 1 it will be set to durability 1.
    Sorry 4 my bad english..
            if ((player.getInventory().getHelmet().getType() != null && player.getInventory().getHelmet().getEnchantmentLevel(Enchantment.DURABILITY) != 1 && player.getInventory().getHelmet().getEnchantmentLevel(Enchantment.DURABILITY) == 2) || player.getInventory().getHelmet().getEnchantmentLevel(Enchantment.DURABILITY) == 3) {
                   ((Player) event.getPlayer()).sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + " Heh, szmieszek z ciebie. cos ci nie pyklo ;)");
                   player.getInventory().getHelmet().addEnchantment(Enchantment.DURABILITY, 1);
  2. that returns a clone of the helmet, just like any other method to get items from an inventory.
    modifying that clone won't modify the item in the inventory, so you need to store it in a variable, modify it and set it as the new helmet with .setHelmet(item);
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    Change the if to isnt 0, so it will be either 1, 2 or 3. Just to make the code a little bit shorter ;)
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