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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by zombierevolver, Jan 15, 2017.

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    Remove the ads or we will all go to spigot these ads are annoying and intrusive.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Yeah! We all will go to spigot, if by "all" you mean just you.

    Get Curse premium.
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    Hey, just get the Adblock Plus addon in your browser. ;) Shouldn't this thread be labeled as 'Suggestion'?
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    I never get ads, and I dont have curse premium :/

    I remember getting millions of pop ups on my old computer when I clicked on sketchy sights... a while ago... Maybe thats what happened to you?
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    You're going to deprive a FREE WEBSITE of some ads that help fund it?
    It's like going to a charity and saying "I've got lots of free money, but I'm not giving you any."
    Think about using ad block before you do -.-
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    Really? As long as they monetize it, it's not free. And no, I don't think at all before using adblock, because that is stupid. I've had enough experience with ads and crap. I've went on "free" steam gift codes and had to do offer and crap and it ended up having to have me do something that required money so I quit and had nothing to do with offers ever since. Ads and offers can lead to malware. On that same "free" steam gift codes crap, I ended up getting malware by doing one of those offers of installing java. I did it, but it never gave me my giftcodes, but it did give me a virus. That's the only thing it did. I ended up doing system restore and everything was normal again.

    And ads lag the place. It's just a bunch of bullcrap. If anyone is to pay to those stupid those ads, it isn't me.
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    Actually, it is free. Members do not actually have to pay for this site/membership. You are not losing money from your bank account by being on bukkit. The way you "pay" is by having a few ads on the site.

    Sure, adblock is great (everyone should have it), but you should not use it on sites you trust and sites you like and want to support. I made an exception for Bukkit for my adblock because of this. For the years I have been here, I have not found any viruses, and the "lag" produced by ads is minimal.
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    This is a possibility, however you should be taught that you should never click on ads.
    And as Zombie said, you do not pay to access the site. The ads are not intrusive. As I said before, it just helps pay for the costs of the site. Running a site is expensive, especially with XenForo.
  10. @C.L.
    AdBlock plus has this really nice option called "allow some non-intrusive ads" (might not be the same wording.. mine's in Swedish :p). I recommend you check it out.

    Personally, I don't really care if the whitespace at the top/sides of webpages are ads, I never look at them anyway. The only ones I really care about blocking are the ones with annoying pop-ups and screen coverage.

    What you have to remember is that most of the internet runs on ads. How else could you cover the costs of having a web server being ran 24/7?
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    @AlvinB I don't like adblock for that exact reason. Know how things get on the "non-intrusive ads" list? They pay adblock obscene amounts of money.

    To further the irony, you can't open that link while using an adblocker.

    The only real solution is for sites to deliver ads that don't warrant an ad blocker. Curse is usually responsible about their advertising and the OP's complaints are unwarranted, however, many sites aren't. Because of them, adblockers are now pretty much necessary to use the web at all.

    If you really want to block bad ads, use Privacy Badger. It blocks ads as a side effect for advertisers who ignore do-not-track, which is pretty much all of them besides some of google adsense.
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    That's what I mean. You only pay money if you go to an ad.
    I already know what that does. I'm not interested and I won't switch it back on.

    To set everyone clear on this, I'm gonna set some boundaries for people not to say to me, at least on this thread. There's only 1. Don't tell me to turn off my adblock, turn on non intrusive ads, or anything else that has anything to do with allowing ads. I won't do it and I'll just ignore it. @AlvinB 's post is an example of what not to say to me.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Locking this as this is getting out of control.
    Use adblock or don't use adblock. Your call.
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