Remove players from tablist but not inGame

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Caderape2, Apr 1, 2017.

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    There's a lot of posts with this title, but i still didn't find a solution.

    I'm trying to remove a player from the tablist. But he has to be visible ingame.

    I tried to player with the PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo and remove player. That works. Player is no more in the tablist. But bukkit stop to update the client skin. If you move away, the player just disapear. And no way to make him visible.

    Any solution ?

    This is how i do atm
    public void hiddeFromTabList(Player player)
            new BukkitRunnable() {
                public void run()
                    EntityPlayer epjoin = ((CraftPlayer) player).getHandle();
                    for (Player p : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers())
                        EntityPlayer ep = ((CraftPlayer) p).getHandle();
                        PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo packet = new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo(EnumPlayerInfoAction.REMOVE_PLAYER, epjoin);
                        PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo packet2 = new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo(EnumPlayerInfoAction.REMOVE_PLAYER, ep);
            }.runTaskLater(API.getInstance(), 10L);
  2. @Caderape2
    You could try sending them the Spawn Player packet after the Player List Item packet
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  4. @Caderape2
    Are you sure it's even possible to do this?
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    @BananaPuncher714 No it's the point, i'm not sure it's possible.
    bukkit seems to not update players who are not in the tablist
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    You can try to make a scoreboard then you add players who you want to be in the tablist in a team and you add the team to the scoreboard (display it in the tablist)
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    I'm using a custom tablist I don't want to have any players listed in
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