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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TopGear93, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Please remove the offline mode. I know ill most likely get backlash on this but torrented minecraft players shouldnt have permission to use Bukkit. If you did buy minecraft and you play offline it means you either lost you internet temporarily or you bought it on a internet ready system and transfered it over.


    Like i said below maybe there could be an update that would make the auth system better. Maybe with bukkit and mojang being friends they could create a link between them?
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    offline mode is useful when login servers are down - and as such will not be removed
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    yea i can understand this but wouldnt there be a way to determine if accounts are real or not. Those authorizing plugins do not work as advertised. You can by pass them with your IGN.
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    You can? :confused:

    *gets a brilliant trolling idea*

    I vote in favor, since the last time the MC Auth servers were down was.. long ago.
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    theres no need to troll anybody. Trolling just wastes every ones time.

    Anyways im not looking for full support but rather a mature discussion of what everyone thinks. If it wont be removed then id like to see it be Updated. Since Bukkit and mojang are good friends i wonder if they could create a Auth system between them.
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    I would say to leave it in, no need to put effort into a silly thing to remove a functionality! People who just use servers at home use this and the login servers still could go down (and did recently). I realize you want to combat piracy but they could still use a vanilla server or a different server mod.
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    ParkerReno yea, I wouldnt want to see bukkit get nailed for aiding and abbeding the hackers/torrenters.
  8. If offline mode will be disabled by Bukkit I have a big problem testing my plugins with multiple players. I run a Bukkit server on my own pc (not available through internet) and when I want to test my plugins I usually log in with my own account, no problems so far. But when I want to test with multiple players I start another Minecraft in offline mode and connect to my local server. If offline mode will be disabled I wouldn't be able to log into my server more than once.

    So my opinion about this is leave it as it is.

    There is just one thing about offline mode and that I'm getting sick and tired of people asking about it, or functionality when in offline mode, on the forums. I would suggest locking those topics immediately!
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    I think if you remove offline mode:
    • People who just want to play when mc servers are down or don't have internet connection atm can't play.
    • People who play pirated versions will find another way to stay playing pirated versions. (Remember, it is coded in Java)
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    Seeing as how it's part of the minecraft server package, if you really "I wouldnt want to see bukkit get nailed for aiding and abbeding the hackers/torrenters." You'd best start lobbying with Mojang first. At either way no, the .net server does go off at random times and has within the past month.
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    Also, little local servers in a network without internet wouldn't be possible anymore. I often create a wifi with my laptop and let my friends join for a little round of in Minecraft.
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    Hate the idea. The auth plugins work fine, thanks.
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    thanks for being harsh. Like i said above, maybe there could be a better auth plugin. The ones now are not secure!
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    sal campisano

    Considering Notch himself told people its ok to pirate the game as long as they pay for it eventually I don't see the point in taking offline mode out.
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    Link please?
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    I find offline mode useful for testing plugins which require more than one user, as I only own one minecraft account.
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    sal campisano

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    I enjoying being able to boot up a few pirated I mean offline mode clients, well more then a few we use an AutoIt script for launching and connecting them.. and way works great for testing and educational purposes ;)

    Though really user authentication should be a high priority system, hosted in several locations, with, with their Mojang's amazon cloud, with bukkit (in my opinion), and with any other mirrored hosting that proved secure and trust able.
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    I have three fully paid accounts and we play offline because the kids like to use different names in their games.

    I would be thoroughly dissatisfied if it were removed.
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    Harsh but honest. As far as I know Notch added offline for a reason, take a look at the link below, you might find it very interesting.
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    He is a smart man, I know at least 5 people who bought minecraft because they pirated it and really enjoyed the game. In the end mojang made $80~ minimum

    Smart companies know the best way to combat piracy isnt to fight it at all, but to provide a better service. Pirated minecraft is fun and all, but if you want to join large servers, improve security, improve game stability, or make your own skin you buy the game.
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    To true, I pirated Minecraft, though it was going to be crap.. :) and within two weeks had gotten at least seven people to buy and start playing including me :)
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    If you pirated something that was only £9 then you really should question your morals...
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    Have you every been with out a home? a roof? food for more then a few days?
    No? I really didnt think so..
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    Some people are tight on cash, and that is none of your business.

    A year ago I was reading around online, and kept seeing numerous posts about this game called minecraft. I thought hey, lets pirate it and find out. I played a total of 5 min in single player, then copied onto my girlfriends comp and learned how easy it was to make a server that me and her could play on. Over the past year I have held hard to running my server in offline mode, not only did it get me to purchase the game, but countless people also. It's like a demo mode for most, a game type like this that has never been tried before needs this option to help some decide to purchase it.

    And if game publishers (cough* ubisoft, ea *cough) have taught us anything it's that the more you try to stop pirates, the less pirates you affect and the more paying customers you screw.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    No dont said it is ok...he said it is ok for testing......and if you like it, buy it...

    But i think also, let it be like it is. there are enough offline auth plugins which works very well!
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    If you are THAT tight on cash, shouldn't you be doing something other than pirating video games?
    Besides that, being "tight on cash" is no justification. Do you go to GameStop (as an example) and steal a video game because you're tight on cash?

    I hate it when people try to defend themselves like that. I pirate stuff too, but atleast I come up with better excuses :)
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    If you go to gamestop and steal a copy, gamestop loses one. When one pirates a game, notch doesn't lose anything. What (ignorant) people need to understand is that piracy doesn't cost money. Someone who pirated minecraft wouldn't have bought it if he couldn't have pirated it. Now, because people can pirate and play the game for free, if even 1% buys the game, that's still 1% more people buying the game than if there wouldn't have been piracy at all.
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  30. That's one view of the discussion I've never heard before. And to be honest. Your right!
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