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    Can somebody please create a simple plugin that will remove the mob drops of selected mobs in the .yml config?

    I have another plugin to control what drops for each mob at any percent i want, but i need a plugin that disables the default drops of specified mobs.

    An example of a config would be something like:

    ##Below mob names will NOT drop. Use another plugin for drop control.


    I really hope somebody can do this, i had a custom plugin made for me to make crops grow slower to make the food economy actualy usefull, now i need to control the meat aspect of the food area. Its too easy to make meat farms, so i need to get this plugin made so i can use my other plugin (ecocreatures) to control how much meat drops at whatever % i choose!

    Thanks in advance!
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    You could use essentials antibuild to disable the picking up of meats - but that doesn't sound like what you want :/
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    no haha, but thanks for the suggestion, those are always welcomed!

    Bumping up ^_^

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    Bump :3
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    What does Bump actuly means :$$$ sorry i am dutch soo..

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    Its just a saying so that your posting gets "bumped" or moved back up towards the top of the entire thread, because people look at the topics up at the top of a thread more often then not.
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    Ah okay, thank you
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    that does look like it probly does what i want it to do, but that ones a big plugin, it may be a bit hungry haveing to check all those things when something happends.

    I would prefer a more simple one made to do what im wanting, and just that, nothing extra. I have 68 plugins right now already so thats why im looking for simplistic plugins haha. Tyvm tho :D Good find :)
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    NoLagg can set max drops for all things within a chunk.
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    nope that wouldnt help either D: But thanks again for the suggestion :)
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    Bump, anyone can make this? <3
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    Try OtherDrops:

        - drop: NOTHING
        - drop: NOTHING
      # etc...
    OtherDrops may look like a big complicated plugin but by default it doesn't change anything - just runs whatever config you give it. In this case it will just keep an eye on the entity death event (which any plugin to stop mob drops has to do, no matter how simple) and check against available configs (in this case: 1 check only) then cancels the drop.

    There are a large number of other conditions and actions you can look into on the BukkitDev page however if you don't use them they don't require any processing.

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