[Remove][FUN/MECH] PingMOTD v0.0.5 - Client Server List Message Changer [1.2.5]

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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Want to set your server apart from others. Display a random message to the client every time the server is pinged.

    Add messages in game.
    Use tens to thousands of messages for your server.
    Reload on the fly and refresh away at the login screen.

    Commands (open)

    /pingmotdDisplays Current Version
    /pingmotdset (msg#) (message)Sets displayed messageex: /pingmotd 2 Welcome!/pingmotdset number (numMsgs)Sets the amount of messages to use.ex: /pingmotdset number 2
    /pingmotdviewShows all of the current messages in use
    /pingmotdreloadReloads the Plugin

    Change Log (open)
    Uploading Functional Version

    Added abilty for random messages
    Reworked set and view
    Changed Commands

    Minor Code Cleanup

    Updated for 1.1 Event Handler

    Added /pingmotdreload
    Minor issues/Cleanup

    Configuration (open)
    The config.yml includes a additional line (messagenum: #) This must match the amount of messages you want to use.
    Example: config.yml
    #Amount of messages to use#
    messagenum: 5
      1: 'Welcome to the Server'
      2: 'Information can be found here!'
      3: 'This server uses PingMOTD!'
      4: 'Enter if you dare!'
      5: 'I like cheese, :P'

    (Hint: I wrote this with no restriction to the amount of messages PingMOTD will work with: 1 to 100000 or whatever makes sense. Just either add via set command or edit config.yml)

    Primarily on BukkitDev

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    So it gives a message to the player that joins the server?
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    No it displays the Message in the server list when its pinged by the client.

    Default Server Name
    Random messages! Hit Refresh! 1/1000

    Or add modcrafting.com to your server list and keep hitting refresh.
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    How is it different then the normal MOTD?
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Change the Server.Properties motd on ServerListPingEvent?
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Same as others.
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    Inactive, per request.

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