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    So since Minecraft went to the side of a rpg. I've decided to bring back Diablo's Identify.
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    Requires Vault
    For full support otherwises Identify will Default to OP and lose functionality.
    Vault Bridges support for BOSEconomy, iConomy 4,5,6, 3co, Essentials economy.
    as well as Super Bukkit bPermissions 3Ex.
    Current Features
    Ability to purchase enchantments from a list.
    Enchantment is raised by one for each purchase to a maximum of defined in the config.
    Grants the ability to enchant items you currently wouldn't be able to enchant.
    When buying random identification the current item in your hand will become enchanted.
    Currently this is entirely random, devised from 21 base enchants randomized between
    1 to 5 enchantments as well as randomized on 1 to MAX levels per item.
    Use the commands below to utilize Identify.
    /identify <buy/set/list/help/reload/version>
    Command Examples.
    /identify list - Shows the list of enchants available
    ex: /identify list armor
    /identify buy { ID#/Name/random/all } (level/"max"))
    ex: /identify buy 17
    ex: /identify buy damage_all max
    ex: /identify buy water_worker 3
    ex: /identify buy random
    ex: /identify buy (buys random)
    ex: /identify buy all 4
    node: identify.use
    For purchases.
    node: identify.admin
    For set, reload.
    Changelog (open)

    Created List, Set, Help, Version
    /identify buy reconstructed for random and list
    Fixed issues with double enchanting
    Disabled strict random use.
    Added buying levels.
    Added buying by name.
    Added buy ALL MAX.
    Fixed the command structure.
    Resolved a minor issue with iConomy hooking into Vault
    Added a configuration for Max levels
    (You can now enchant almost everything with a max level of anything)
    Added the new bow enchantments to the list
    Found/Fixed Glitch buy individual enchantments

    TODO Concepts:
    Selling enchantments.
    Clearing enchantments.
    If you have any ideas feel free to post comments, ideas, concepts.
    Primarily on BukkitDev
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    Same as Others.
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    Inactive, per request.

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