[Remove][ADMN/SEC/TP/ECON] Ultrabans 0.2.4 - Administration Tool For Bukkit [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Ultrabans is an administration tool that gives the user more tools than a simple ban.

    • A full range of banning options - Ban/IPBan/TempBan/TempIPBan/PermaBan
    • Warning System that if enabled will Auto-Ban for counted Warns
    • Built-in Jail Support and Logging
    • Import / Export to and from banned_players and banned_ips
    • Mysql / Sqlite Logging
    Commands & Perms (open)

    Required Info {} Optional () Loggable in Database* Silent -s Anonymous -a
    /ban {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
    bans a player*​
    node: ultraban.ban​

    /tempban {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason}
    temporarily bans a player*​
    node: ultraban.tempban​

    /ipban {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
    alt: /ipban {ipv4} (-s/-a) {reason}​
    ip bans a player*​
    node: ultraban.ipban​

    /tempipban {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason}
    temporarily ipbans a player*​
    node: ultraban.tempipban​

    /permaban {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
    un-unbannable ban*​
    node: ultraban.permaban​

    /lockdown {on/off/status}
    Disables Player Joins while Enabled​
    node: ultraban.lockdown​
    Login Override Op or Node​
    node: ultraban.lockdown.override​

    /unban {player}
    unbans a player*​
    node: ultraban.unban​

    /checkban {player}
    checks the status of a player​
    node: ultraban.check​

    /checkip {player}
    checks the ip of a player​
    node: ultraban.checkip​

    /dupeip {player}
    checks the usage of a player's ip​
    node: ultraban.checkip​

    /kick {player / * } (-s/-a) {reason}
    kicks a player* (* Kicks all players)​
    node: ultraban.kick​
    node: ultraban.kick.all​

    /warn {player} (-s/-a) {reason}
    warns a player*​
    node: ultraban.warn​

    /history {amt}
    Gives a history of Utrabans Entries by time​
    node: ultraban.history​

    /fine {player} (-s/-a) {amt}
    fines a player*​
    node: ultraban.fine​

    /jail (set/pardon/{player})
    jails a player to a location defined by set*​
    node: ultraban.jail​

    /tempjail {player} (-s/-a) {amt} {sec/min/hour/day} {Reason}
    temporarily jails a player​
    node: ultraban.tempjail​

    /umute (player)
    mutes a player*​
    node: ultraban.mute​

    /empty {player}
    clears player's inventory​
    node: ultraban.empty​

    /forcespawn {player}
    teleports player to the default world spawn​
    node: ultraban.spawn​

    /editban (help)
    method of editing a stored ban​
    node: ultraban.editban​

    displays ultrabans help in game​
    node: ultraban.help​

    reloads the current bans​
    node: ultraban.reload​

    displays the current version​
    node: ultraban.version​

    exports bans to a useable banlist and ipbans txt​
    node: ultraban.export​

    import bans to a useable banlist and ipbans txt
    node: ultraban.import

    ChangeLog (open)

    Added New /history for Ultraban Entries
    (Thanks for the idea Digitalink)
    Added Config option for Default Console Name
    Added Config option for Default Ban Reason
    Added Config option for Max Fine Amt
    Added Ability to use -a in place of -s for Anonymous Actions
    Added Logon on Player info for identifing Proxy
    Added Pingback Time out
    Added Config option to enable the Pingback
    (Must be enabled in config)
    (Useful for proxy attacks and seriously lagging players)
    {if HostPingTimeOut is set to High this will lag your server waiting for a response}

    Removed /rules..
    Removed Pingback Proxy Checks.
    Removed Player Login information, (Disabled via 1.2 bukkit builds).
    Removed Player Login Bypass Op Checks.
    Removed Player TraceRoute Options.

    Added Config Option for Max Warnings Auto Ban
    Added Config Option for Muting Also Disables Commands
    Fixed Bug with Mysql and /History
    Tested and Built Against CB 1.2.5-R1.0

    Resolved issue with Bans / Unbans and Reason.
    Solve issues with null.
    Changed Default Colors...
    Found Issue with Starve Message backwards.
    Fixed minor issue with syntax on muting.
    Added /utempjail
    Added onEnable Loading for jailed players and temp jail

    Fixed issues with new warning system
    Fixed issues with jail/pardons/and rejailed
    Fixed issue with unbanned players not able to login
    Fixed Minor bugs and formatting.

    Fixed issues with ipban / spout and offline players.
    Resolved issue with unbans.
    Fixed issue with dupe ip only displaying online players now works for all players

    Found/Fixed issue with ipban logging
    Changed Default Unban reason to include the previous ban reason
    Fixed issue with /kick * Console/Game
    Resolved an issue with Banned Players Relog Message
    Unban IP fix, and Dupe IP previous players fix. -Thanks NetherFoam
    Resolved some offline player issues
    Vote Passed to change to /jail & /tempjail

    Current Dependencies

    Dependent Vault
    Primarily on BukkitDev
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Just Remove It. I already made two updates and a lite version. Thread is dead anyway.
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    Inactive, per request.

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