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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by WishesXD, Dec 21, 2015.

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    ~~SOLVED - thx t_ice~~

    Hello guys,

    I´ve setting up a new server but i start to get old ... i cant play all day long like some years ago :p
    but if you play with your friends together it suxxs if you miss something because you are not online.

    thats why I was looking for a plugin to handle it and find this one:

    t-ice made this simple and nice plugin some month ago for 1.6.2 but stop the development.
    that plugin seems nearly perfect (except the mission function to have 24h open at weekend), and it would be just great if someone can make a remake of it.

    if someone pick up that project pls let me know, I cant made a plugin but maybe I can make a nice logo for it (e.g).

    PS: Pls for 1.7.10

    PS: a option or permission would be cool to bypass the openinghours

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @WishesXD So you want it to be open all day in the weekend?
    Why not set the opening time to 00:00 and the closing to 23:59 ?
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    @WishesXD thanks for your kind words!
    For the option or permission to bypass the openinghours, see the config.yml:
    #specify (comma separated) the players who should be able to login outside of opening hours
    #note that permission "openinghours.ignore" does the same
    ignoreFor: tarzan, jane, douglas
  4. Why not just actually open and close the server with cronjobs or something similar ?
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    OpeningHours gives a friendly message stating the opening hours, instead of just not connecting.
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    stupid question - do you want to say that it works for 1.7.10?
    after a couple of bad exp. with old plugins I stop using them (pre1.7).

    if it works forget my post,
    great job t-ice
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @WishesXD Some plugins break between versions, loads of them keep working.
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    @WishesXD I just tried with 1.7.10, it stops the log-in in but not with a friendly message, throws an error instead. I'll have a look.
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