RELEASE: Solution against Man-in-the-Middle Acc theft

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by wmchris, May 13, 2012.

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    i just wanted to inform you guys, that we've developed a solution against the man-in-the-middle account theft. We updated our plugin - glizer - to include an ip-block system. If you register on and enter your ip in your profile no one except your ip can log-in on any server using the glizer ban-share system (more than 900 servers). You can even enter a dyndns record like for dial-up connections or changing IP addresses.

    With this feature it's impossible to steal your account w/o knowing your glizer master password.
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    Or you know, you can just not be stupid and dont join sketchy servers...?
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    Dynamic IPs. Try us. 2. Not everyone knows how to get their IP (ridiculous, but true.) 3. Not everyone is fond of Dyndns, I prefer No-IP.
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    No-IP works, too.
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