Release a 1.5 Bukkit build please?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jabacobob, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I really hope you guys dont think of me being a douche bag with this post, Im not trying to be.
    Could you guys release a Bukkit build for 1.5? I really dont care if its buggy, i just gotta get my server running again. As long as the build is safe, its fine. The update happened about 18 hours ago, so you should be able to get a Build out by now, even if it is buggy as hell. People will still be able to make use of it.

    Thanks, And again, i hope you dont think of me as being a douche bag.
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    Just start your server on a temporary map and run minecraft vanilla.
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    why not run the server without bukkit? most the plugins will be broken anyways
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    @Jabacobob They are working on it. Give them time. They have to read though 4,815,162,342 of lines of code, find the changes, update bukkit, find why it broke bukkit, fix bukkit (see previous), fix the fix (see previous), test, test, test, then release it to the public, deal with the whining of the people who's plugins broke, then release more fixes.
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    I just started my server up on a new blank map running vanilla 1.5. I'll reinstate my normal map once the bukkit team release there update.

    Stop pressuring them it will be done when its done.
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    The thing is, i rent a server from BroHoster, so i can only use bukkit.

    Alright, well im not a coder, so i didnt know that there were that many lines to code, but im asking if they can release a rough build, that way people(Im only actually pointing at me, but other people might want it also) can update their server so they can use it without having to downgrade their clients.

    Like i said earlier, im renting a server, so i can only use the CraftBukkit(Im using Brohoster).
    Im not pressuring them, im simply asking them if they can release what they have so we can update(This is assuming they coded enough to make it compatible with 1.5, im no coder, so i dont know how long it will take) our servers.

    Thank you for helping to stop a troll.
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    @Jabacobob That's what they're trying to do. ATM, they're just trying to get even the ROUGHEST build working.
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    If you are using Brohoster, just replace your craftbukkit.jar with the vanilla server jar (same file name) worked for me.
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    Dude you sound really whinny!!! Everyone has to wait period for a solid build of Bukkit and all the plugins they use.. There is no need for anyone to come on the forums and whine thinking because there server is down the Bukkit guys have to work overtime to fix it so your players are happy.

    You know what I recommend.. Take a breathe of fresh air and go outside..In a day or two if things go well for the Bukkit team we will have a 1.5 release.
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    oh ok, I was just assuming that they were working on a Good Build, when 1.4 went live, thats what they did. They dont post anywhere about their progress, so i Apologize.

    Thanks, i will try that.

    You need to Stfu and read through all the posts. All i was doing was asking a simple question. I didn't know thats what they were doing. I said that im not coder, so i wouldn't know how long it takes to do so. So, Get off the forums and stop trolling.

    Edit: Problem is solved, Topic can be closed.
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    With my limited understand in what has to be done. It pretty impressive that the bukkit team in general can pull out decent builds of the server as fast as then have been.

    It not like there working with straight source from notch that they can build bukkit against. They have run the code through a decompiler which is obfuscated as hell(last time i looked at it was in hey0 days, and i felt like i was running in circles trying to fallow even the most rudimentary methods and shit get confusing fast when everything is name aa ee.e , ff , etc)

    ya so I would kind of sit back, and be thankful there a team of people willing to do reverse engineering for free, for your benefit.
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    @jacob You need to Stfu and read through all the posts. All i was doing was asking a simple question. I didn't know thats what they were doing. I said that im not coder, so i wouldn't know how long it takes to do so. So, Get off the forums and stop trolling.

    No ones trolling man.. You came off like a whinny 7 year old that doesn't want to wait to get his way.. It was like I need the team to do this ASAP NOW I dont care if its buggy... Then someone responded to you and you went BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT my players BUT BUT BUT.. LOL!!!!
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    Lolololol he's trolling when your begging for an update on a forum section that the top 5 posts has 2 threads about already. You get -1 internetz for all the stupid that just rushed out in my face.
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    I can wait to g
    I can wait for the update, it's not that big of a deal for me. But my girlfriend is raging at me because I haven't updated the server yet. :/

    I blame Portal 2 for not getting laid tonight.
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    Epic fail. If Minecraft had 4.8 billion lines of code, it would have around the same amount of code as Windows NT [1], and almost as much as the Linux Kernel (2.6) [2]. Please don't pull numbers out of your rear end.

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    I'ts not called "pulling numbers out of [one's] rear end".
    It's just a random and huge number to illustrate that there is approximately 3.5 shitloads of code in bukkit, and even a "rough build" could be days away.

    Besides, there will be a 1.5_1 and a 1.5_2 by the end of the week, re-obfuscating Minecraft again, so why waste work on 1.5 compatibility when you have to re-do the work when 1.5_1 is released?
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    Doesn't work for me. Permission denied.

    OP, how'd you "fix" it?
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    Quoting the splashes.txt, actually :p I knew that was an insane number and OBVIOUSLY not the real one, but I wanted to see if anyone would actually realize that I was refererencing it. The point still stands, though; we could be days away from even a rough version.
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    I laughed when i first read this post and how serious people took it. People need to relax xD

    I have both 1.5 and 1.4_01 servers running, if people who are 'hosting' their own servers you would think they would be smart enough to make a backup copy or two or three hell maybe five or six...And you guys call yourselves 'Admins' i'd hate to be a dedicated member on you're server ;o sue me.
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    I'm running into the same thing using Brohoster. It's not crucial since we're all running 1.4 still, but it would be nice to get into 1.5 even if it is vanilla.
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    I wasn't whining, I was simply asking a question. When i was answered i still was not whining, i simply answered. He then told me what they were doing, so i said that i misunderstood what they were doing. I thought the bukkit team was going for a Good build, My reason for thinking that i because thats what they did when 1.4 came out. I never once said "I need the team to do this ASAP NOW I dont care if its buggy." i was simply ASKING if they could do so, up until i learned thats what they were already doing.

    Umm no, when i posted this, There was not a single post like this. They all said something to the lines of "I cant get on my server, it says this or that." My post was asking if they could release a "Rough Draft" of 1.5. So, could you please share with me what you mean by "all the stupid that just rushed out in my face"?

    No one said anything that would require you to say what you said.

    I didnt say i fixed it, i said the problem was solved.

    I rest my case

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