Region Based Command Restriction Plugin

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    Hey folks!

    I've done a fair bit of searching and have yet to turn up something that fulfills the critera that I am looking to satisfy.

    The idea that I'm trying to tackle is as follows:

    I'm looking to find a plugin that allows me to set which commands a player cannot use based on the WorldGuard region they are in.

    For example:
    One player moves into another player's territory and engages the player who owns the territory they have invaded. They fight and as the invader loses health he simply uses the /home or /spawn command and teleports to safety (or to another pre-defined strategic location). In this situation I would love to be able to restrict the /home and /spawn commands (for example) so that these kinds of scenarios would be better balanced and more entertaining.

    Anyways, I hope that makes sense - thanks for your time if you read this.

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    sounds useful, i would like to have this plugin once/if it gets done
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    Thanks mate :)

    Yeah, I just can't believe no-one has thought of/implemented such a plugin yet! haha
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    I want this plugin too
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    I posted this request too, didnt see your request :p
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    Hahaa, seems there are more than a few people looking for something to fill these boots!

    If all else fails, when I get a moment I might have a crack at it myself.
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    I wish you Luck, we desperately need a plugin like this.
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    Hmm.. This shouldn't be too hard, anyone?
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    This would be an awesome addition to regions. Example:

    - Restrict the use of the /bank command to the vicinity of a physical bank.
    - Create a dungeon that nobody can /warp, /tp, or /home out of.

    I'm not developer, but I'd think that this shouldn't be too difficult. Maybe just garble specific commands when in an area?
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    Does worldguard have an option to do this?
    If not, they should!
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    My thoughts exactly! I am stunned to find that nobody has yet thought to develop such a thing!

    Totally agree! WorldGuard seems to be the most suitable plugin to have this as a feature add. Totally equipped to handle this kind of thing also!
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    Blacklisting/whitelisting commands would be great, even per-group.:)

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