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    Plugin category: Admin tools.

    Suggested name: ResetArena.

    What I want: This plugin should basically allow WorldGuard regions to be reset to a state that they were before. For example, if I built a MiniGame that I wish to allow my players to build and destroy in, but then once the MiniGame is over for a host to reset it (or you can set them to manually kick everyone out of the region with a message such as "<regionname> is finished! Arena resetting..." after an amount of time), and then the arena reverts back to its old state without the hastle and lag of manually //cut'ing and //schematic and //paste'ing of the arena.

    Ideas for commands: /reset <regionname> [word] to reset the region, /setreset <regionname> sets the state in which the region should reset to. If you add /setreset <regionname> [word] then if you type /reset <regionname> [word] it would reset it to that. Eg, if you had a version 1 of the region 'spawn' and typed /setreset spawn, but then you made another version you could do /setreset spawn new so when you typed /reset spawn new, it would generate the new one, but /reset spawn would still generate the old one.

    /setregen <regionname> <timeinseconds> sets how long the Arena should wait before it kicks everyone out of it back to a space defined with. /setregenkickzone <regionname>, which sets the kick zone to your location when you issue the command.

    Ideas for permissions: reset.region.regionname (reset.region.* can allow the player to reset all regions). reset.setreset.regionname (reset.setreset.* allows the setting of all region resets). reset.setregenkickzone.regionname (reset.setregenkickzone.* allows the setting of all region kick zones). reset.* gives all permission nodes.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible please.
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    That would be cool! Official Bump
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    Anyone got anything to offer for this? And thank you Collin :)
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    That would be awesome, I would appreciate it if someone tried!
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    I would find this very useful.
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    Thanks for the positive comments guys :D
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    Anyone think they can do this/know somebody who can? I really really need it for my server :)
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    They look good, but they reset when the server restarts or after a certain amount of time, and as you can see it's not what I'm looking for :/
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    I'm a little overwhelmed by the commands. If they can be simplified a little bit, I'll take a stab at this. Sounds interesting to me and I like working with WorldGuard's API.

    What about simplifying them a little bit by always requiring a version name? Maybe call the the versions "snapshots" or something and you have to have them, even if you have just one version...

    How about something like this:

    /savesnapshot <region> <snapshotname>
    Saves a snapshot of the region

    /loadsnapshot <region> <snapshotname>
    Resets the region to the snapshot

    /listsnapshots [region]
    Lists the snapshots in the region, or the current region if you don't specify one

    /removesnapshot <region> <snapshotname>
    Removes the snapshot named snapshotname from the region

    /setkickzone <region> [location]
    Location could be either be x,y,z or omitted for the current location.

    /autoresetregion <time> <region> <snapshotname>
    If there is no kickzone defined for the region, the command would fail. Players would be moved to that location the time had elapsed and the region would be reset to snapshotname.

    Would that suffice?
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    If you could, that would be perfect :D Thanks!
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    Hi, sorry to gravedig...but has anyone made any progress with this so far? It's been a little under a month since the last reply and I need this ASAP.
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    CraftBook ToggleAreas can toggle WorldEdit schematics basically, so it wouldn't do a WG region but it'd do exactly what you want it to.
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    You can try to use my new plugin - ScLoad First you need to select region and save it as schematic using WorldEdit. Then you need ScLoad to load it from file and paste at any place at the world.

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