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  1. I find it shocking that anyone who asks for an eta gets yelled at and then has their thread locked. As someone else pointed out, it is completely reasonable to ask this question several weeks after minecraft 1.0.1 was released. The h mod team was very good about communicating with their users, something the bukkit team publicly admitted they need to improve on. I see no improvement. The bad attitude of the bukkit team and forum moderators is just astounding, several plugin developers have moved their projects elsewhere because of it. I understand that what they do involves a lot of work, but the occasional status update is not. As the operator of a server, both myself and my players find it very frustrating. The dev builds let us play 1.0.1 just fine, but many plugins will not update until there is a recommended build. I've read over the changelogs and bugreports, the current releases are good enough. I think we deserve a real answer as to why the entire community is being held up over a couple small bugs. I'm sure this thread will be locked as legitimate discussions are apparently not allowed on this subject.
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    You really don't understand, do you?
    I can tell you the ETA for minecraft 19.4.3: When it's done.

    They can't give an ETA and they never will. The most we can hope for is an "almost done" post. That's it.
  3. I'm not asking for an eta on minecraft 19.4.3, i'm asking for an eta on a project that they have been working on for a couple weeks and are almost done with. I'm not even really looking for an eta, just something like "we will release it after bugs x and y are fixed". The hmod team had no problem communicating like that, but the bukkit team just doesn't even try.
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    Use the dev builds.
    If plugin devs dont wanna update for the current 1.x.x dev builds thats not bukkits issue.
    To be honest i think this whole recommended build thing should be scratched completely. Screw recommended builds. Lets just keep it dev builds from now on. - Oh the joy this would be, little vps companies would no longer force RB usage, plugin devs would simply update when something breaks, etc etc...
    On another note, im currently using dev builds and not a single issue with any plugin :) Theres no hold up kids, bukkits working everyday on their builds and fixing issues left and right. The fact its not labeled RB.. who cares. Change hosts, change plugins, if needed hire a dev to fix broken plugins (As I have a few times) ... etc.


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    What is there to say? They work on it, and when it's done, it's done. I assume you are not a programmer, since you don't seem to understand that if you're serious about developing something you can't really give an ETA. Especially with bukkit where coding requires deobfuscation.

    About communication: After 10 minecraft updates since 1.2, and on EVERY update the same story over and over again, I guess it's reasonable that the bukkit staff is TIRED to tell people the same stuff over and over again.

    It's not like you cannot use dev builds. They are there, they provide the instant relief you are asking. Recommended builds are, as the title says, RECOMMENDED since they are STABLE and mostly BUG-FREE.

    I won't continue with this little rant since I am too tired of hearing the same threads over and over again.
  6. That is a very valid point. Some plugin developers refuse to update until there is a recommended build, and bukkit is slow to release them. They are really both at fault. Instead of the RB system, they should just add an option for users to vote on a certain release's stability. Devs can choose when to update their plugins based on that feedback.

    CraftBukkit MC 1.0.0 Release 2 Progress: No issues.

    So if there are no issues, why is there no RB?

    I do have a fair amount of experience with Java, and a bit with C. There have been plenty of bug filled Recommended builds released, no program is ever perfect. And again, hmod had no problem with this communication.
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    non-recommended builds are not recommended for a reason. they contain bugs, some of them game breaking. recommended builds are nothing different than every other build, except that all (or at least most) of the bugs have been fixed. why on earth would a plugin developer update their plugin to a non-recommended build for an unstable server just to do it all over again when the recommended build's released?
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    After looking a bit, I realized there are no issues because that release is very new.
    for release 1, is the expectation that when all issues are resolved, it will become a recommended build?

    As to a general eta, I am a software engineering student, and one of the biggest things taught is to communicate with your customer. Even though we are not customers in the traditional paying sense, Bukkit does need to do a better job of communicating. On a job, the very first thing a software engineer would do is determine estimates for each feature, and an expected release date.
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    Well I felt the need to register to reply to this thread.

    I've recently started up my own server after playing on a few others, and while I, like everyone else, is eagerly awaiting an RB the one thing that I've noticed on these forums is that people seem to forget that everything we get here is a privilege, not a right. I've seen posts from people demanding updates from plugin creators 'because thier server population demands it'. I've seen posts like this where the demand for information is something that should be expected as tho we were paying customers or had been made a promise.

    Failing to understand or acknowledge that the devs here are working for free, and working damn hard, and also want an RB as much as everyone else is typical of ungreatful and selfish people who have no concept of gratitude or patience and as such should have thier thread locks and ignored.
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    The reason many server owners are asking devs for information regarding when an update or something will be made is because they have players asking them daily if not hourly the same exact questions. Literally every time I log into a server, I get asked when the plugins/map will go back to normal.
    They want some tangible answer, not "when bukkit feels like they're done." I want to give them an answer, but we're kept in the dark. Is it that much to ask for a page listing the major bugs that need fixing or features that need to be upgraded?
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    Comparing what hMod was like to what Bukkit is now isn't a fair comparison.
    hMod - back in its prime; which is what i'm presuming you're referring to - never had the same amount of users / popularity as Bukkit has now.
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    And there's the funny thing. As much as you don't know, they don't know. For every player that asks you 100 others ask the bukkit devs. It's just human that they simply adopt this policy that when it's done, it's done.
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    just a little communication is all we ask. the its done when its done answer only annoys. all i been hearing is the dev builds are stable. so what the reasons for no RB? why not make a RB then go ten dev builds then release another RB?

    and if the post asking for info on RB are so annoying why cant the bukket staff just throw us a bone with feed back. i know it will not stoop all threads but it stop the majority of people asking
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    No, it won't. Because they replied so often that I'm amazed none of them has raged about this.
    You have the majority of the authorities replying the same damn thing: it's done when it's done.

    What do you want them to throw? You have their issue tracker, you have the dev builds. What is there more to desire?

    If they reply every time the get asked we would still have to reach build 500.
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    We're not asking for a reply to every thread. A simple post, or a thread started by them, saying "This is when Minecraft update came out, this is when we expect the first RB" and some relevant links. THAT should not be too much to ask.
    (note the "EXPECT". We don't need October 4th at 6:35 pm, just "two weeks" or "a month")
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    Nathan C

    I personally do not see what it matters how long it takes. The dev builds work fine and it is up to the plugin devs to update to them or not..

    These topics get locked, because they are annoying and the team has already said "it is done when it is done". What is so hard to understand about that?

    Also hmod was not at all good with communicating, but that is a debate for another day.
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    I've worked on non-minecraft dev projects before, and we always have a rough idea of what is left to do. If you jump into something blind, which seems to be what everyone says the Bukkit devs do, it takes much longer and you're not organized. I find it hard to believe that the bukkit devs have absolutely no idea what is left for them to do.
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    People saying the dev builds work fine should think that if they work fine, why aren't they recommended? And it is the bukkit teams fault for plugin devs not to update. Why should a plugin developer spend their time making a plugin and then having it fail because the build is buggy? Even if it isn't, its much more efficient to update when RBs are out.
    Another thing is if the dev build isn't bugged, then what on this holy Earth is taking so damn long to make it RB? This is the reason people are asking this bloody question over and over because its taking TOO DAMN LONG. I would understand if they provided us with a bug, or an issue, or features being implemented but all we get is silence. Complete ignorance of the frustration of the bukkit community with no reassurance as to why they are doing so makes it look like the bukkit devs are lazy and undeserving of developing a server plugin as useful as bukkit.

    One last thing, bukkit devs should have never started bukkit if they don't have the intention to keep it updated and usable to the public. It's total BS that we have to be held up on plugin updates because they won't make the dev build RB, or that they won't provide ANY information on WTF is going on with bukkit.
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    That's exactly the point. I, for one, didn't know that page existed until I read these posts, and I can't imagine I'm the only one. I don't know why its too much to ask for Bukkit to come up with some sort of time frame, and share relevant links (such as this one).
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    You do now :) and as you can see from the list there is very few issues left to resolve (unless more pop up) When you consider this is over a 2 week period they are making fantastic progress and with reports of stable Dev builds its not hard to predict we are very close.
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