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    We should do something. Because right now, I feel like the logo should be:


    Are there openings? I'm thinking a bunch of us should "apply" for staff positions. How might we do that?


    Of course... with over half the team gone...

    ...no idea who's going to reply to this.
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    drtshock Retired Staff

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    Bionicrm Retired Staff

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    lukegb Retired Staff

    Email [email protected].

    I'm sure someone will get round to your request at some point.

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    That's... encouraging...

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    i think its safe to say it would be useless with everyone tossing in their resignation cards and other issues stirring around. it would most likely just sit in the inbox unread. quiet sad to see the outcome being this. its like a punch in the belly with a sour after taste :'(. might as well dump my server reboot into normal vanilla at this point
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    Guess we have to wait for the ModAPI thingy then. .-.
  8. Or we could just wait for Glowstone to have more features.
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