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    Suggested name: Referals

    What I want: A plugin that allows user to refer or "invite" someone and be rewarded for doing so. This plugin should also contain multiple features that catch if someone's trying to loophole the system. Things like referring themselves, or referring X amount of people in X amount of time. Also, referring on the same IP or even MAC address. It should also broadcast who referred who. This could be a huge plugin that helps a lot of server motivate their players to invite others!

    It works by a player typing /refer id, gets a random code, tells his friend, and his friend types a command followed by the ID which then ASKS him if we wants to continue as this will give X player X items. (This is to stop players from tricking others). There should also be a time restriction which starts on the user registeration. For example, user has joined but didn't enter referral ID within 15 minutes, referral ID is invalid now.

    Ideas for commands:

    Player commands:

    /refer id (Displays the ID they have to provide to a friend)
    /refer cancel (Cancels their referral ID) [Optional]
    /refer amount (How many they have successfully referred so far)
    /refer <id> (For new players to input ID)

    Admin commands:

    /refer check <name> (Checks amount of referals)
    /refer warning <name> (Shows how many warning player has, warning are given out when player tries to cheat the system, examples listed previously)
    /refer ban <name> Disables someone's ability to refer

    Ideas for permissions:


    I've put a lot of thought and unfortunately I can't code. I'm honestly hoping one generous coder could take the time to create this, and publish it. It would be nice to officially publish it too, instead of just on this thread as this will be beneficial to many. Thank-you.
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