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    I would like to know if anyone would be willing to make me a refer a friend plugin. I don't do much adv for my server. I rely on people to invite friends. So I wish to start some type of refer a friend plugin with some type of rewards program. Like for each friend you get item:number. But for every 10 you get item:number as a bonus.

    If anyone would be so kind please make. would be glad to test it out.

    Some more detail and thoughts how this could be done.

    For every 1 friend you get a item

    Then on every 10(should be set in config) you get a bonus item on top of the 1 item you get.

    The data could be stored like

    player name|player refereed count|refereed count collected|and players refereed

    Then when someone types /refereed playname they get a set item plus there name gets added to that players refereed list along with the count going up.

    Then if a the player that refereed that player logs in it tells them so and so has been refereed by you type /refercollect to collect. This would give them item for each one and if playerreferred-refereed count collected= 10 20 30 40 and so on it gives them a bonus item for every 10.

    Some commnds would be like.

    /refereed <code> - The code would be the players name. If the player is not on the list it would auto start them on this list. But if the person has already used a refereed code they can not be refereed again by another player. Meaning no padding the refer to get extra items. Option give a item to the person using the command if its there first time and are not on anyone else's list of names.
    /refercheck - To check how many referrals they have how many they have collected and a list of say the last 5 people that have used there refer code.
    /refercollect - If there refer count is higher then refer collect. For each one higher they get set item. Then if it reachs 10 20 30 and so on they get a bonus item.
    /referwipe <playername> - This would be a admin only code and would wipe that player out of the db file.
    /referpadpc <playername> - This would be admin only. It would be used to pad ones playercount refereed.
    /referpadrc <playername> - This would be admin only. IT would be used to pad ones refereed collected count.

    So far thats all I have come up with. If you like more or like to talk via voice over ip. Come see me on my TS3 [email protected] port 9987 if you have any more questions or post below.

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    Going to bump this as no one has tried or made any thing like this yet.
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    I like this idea.
    Any dev out there intrested ?
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    Im semi new to java and am interested in starting to make plugins, plus I could use so.mething like this on my server, so I can't promise anything but i'll try to do something like this
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    Keep us posted!
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    I look forward to seeing the results from this I would be interested in this for my server too.
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    Just fount this today, i like the idea but how to know who refers the player?
    First idea, very easy for me to write: A MySQL-Database with every player who was referred by another one (you have do input the referring data yourself) and with the command /bonus you can get your reward (only one time per referral )
    second one:
    A new player(unknown to the server) joins, he will then be asked to tell, who refers him, and the n reward will be given.
    what do you think?
    Edit: a third idea how to do this:
    (if you are using a whitelist) use the command /refer <playername> and he will added to the whitelist, if he joins, the player gets the reward
    Edit2: I could also just use your idea, it's up to you ;)
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    @Kostronor It don't matter who refereed them. As its just a count for the player who did. Once the player puts in someones name they get added the list. This way they can't pad the vote and can also refer there own friends, This way people can't pad the count. The whitelist idea is good for whitelist inviter. But then again my server is not whitelist.
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    I got the base of it written now, my only issue is my install of eclipse is being a pain in my A** and trying to tell me I can't read in a text file when I can read it in in a different class just fine, once I figure that out I'll be able to finish it to a point where it can be tested.
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    How about a little bonus for the friend who was referred?
    Just as a way of saying thanks for joining.
    Otherwise, not a bad idea.
    Better, MUCH better than spamming Youtube videos with:
    Show Spoiler
    Join my server plox!
    i has great server, please join!
    cracked hamachi server, tell your friends!
    please no griefing my awesome server!

    Now I just hope people don't spam with "join X server, say Y referred you!"
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    I can add config options for that once I get the base working(like I said I'm new to this, this is my first plugin I'm working on and am having issues with writing/loading a text file)
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    @Wakko I did put that idea in the list above. Both people get a little something something. Like a Diamond pick for both. But catch is the one who refereed gets a bonus for every 10 people like a tool set or diamond block on top of the normal refere item. This way getting more and more people to join is worth it.
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    I should hopefully have a working version out by thursday(work SUCKS) I'm only getting to put a little bit of time each night into it so far, but I hope to have a few of the features you wanted besides the base coded in by then. (Think I fixed the file issues)
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    Just bumping it to see how its going or see if anyone else will pick this up.
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    Just wondering hows it going? or does someone else want to give it a go?
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    I'll make it real quick (takes about 20 seconds lol)
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    bump still looking for a plugin dev to make this.
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    yea sorry about not getting back to you, had a family emergency come up and ive been out of state for the past week. Canow can do a better job than I can anyways, this was just a way for me to get into plugin programming while helping someone out
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    This sounds interesting, however, how can we prevent this from being abused?
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    Make it where if someone joins form the same I.P. address they loose the item/bans them temp, or doesent give it to them.
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