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    Hello everybody,

    I have one question, why all server owners block redstones, torches?
    Maybe it makes server lag?

    Thank you for your reply.
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    I don't block redstone or redstone torches, though yes they have been known to lag servers
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    Redstone reduces the Performance on my machine from 120 ticks/sec to 40-50ticks... So everyone I don't trust isn't allowed to build extensive redstone....
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    How to don't allow to build "extensive " redstone?
    Because i have redstone buildings in my server so should i remove it?
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    No, it is all about preference, I would leave it enabled.
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    So I can safely allow torches, redstone, repeaters, pistons, yes?
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    There are so many other causes of lag besides redstone. If you aren't lagging, don't remove it
    If you are, test it without redstone. If still lagging, no need to remove it. Deductive reasoning ;)
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