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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GerbShert, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Hay Guys,
    I was wondering what you would recommend for plugins for a pretty basic yet fun server ;) . I can't have to many or things that take a lot of processing or memory. Ill try to keep this area updated with the plugins i have. Also it would be VERY helpful if you could say what they do and link to them. Thank you:)!​
    Current Plugins.
    1. MultiVerse-Core
    2. MultiInv
    3. Buycraft
    4. Buycraft announcer
    5. Essentials
    6. iConomy
    7. PermissionsBukkit
    8. Prefixer
    9. SimpleAnnouncer
    10. World Edit/Guard
    Looking for.
    • A Sign Warp Plugin(that u can make people pay to teleport)
    • Any Good Shop Plugins
    • A Multi-Inventory plugin that does not glitch out(on death some people switch Inventory to there creative ones)
    • A way to sell "Plots" To people (i heard worldedit can do this idk how though)
    • Sign Shops and Warp signs (or buttons i like those 2 )
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    SkyBlock? SurvivalGames? PvP/MobArena's?

    Those are some pretty fun plugins. They work best when you got a group of people playing.
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    Regenerates the terrain after a set period of time. So you still have to fear them coming but not be afraid of them destroying stuff permanently :) personally one of my favorite plugins.
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    Sounds cool :D even better in a arena or i could configure it to the vip world and build world only :D

    Added to main post
    Are there any other plugins i should have?

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    I added to main most and i would like more suggestions :)
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    Paintball, boxing, mob arena, skyblock, survival games, war
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    Links please.... when i search tons come up.
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    Dont forget Warp Signs – It can have warp signs with permissions, ChestShop, Vault, PlotMe (You can sell plots) and I recommend PermissionsEx – Has lots of features and works great!
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    falcon2_0 i downloaded a lot of permissions stuff and i kinda liked permissionsbukkit . what is the advantages of PermissionsEx? Also if i install warp signs do i have to install the others for those functionality?

    • i'm removing multiinv it is not working the way i need it to any other suggestions i dont what ppl taking items from the creative world.

    crushh87 sounds interesting :)
    Thx :)
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    you dont need another plugin for warp signs, essentials does that, see config.
    as for banning TNT, blacklist it in essentials config.yml.
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    do you work for essentials?
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    im a support guy for essentials/groupmanager.
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    i actually what buttons or levers that when u click u buy something or warp somewhere. signs are okay but...
    and i dont have all the essensial installed i have core,chat,and spawn

    Thanks for that i have it now so far so good :)
    necrodoom ok i found how to block it i also have it blocked in creative mode :) that's a help cuz someone nuked my spawn :/

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    As for a region-selling plugin I would recommend to you one of my plugins - RegionForSale. It works with WorldEdit/WorldGuard. Another similar plugin would be Simple Region Market, but I can't tell you much about that, as I don't use it myself. If you're looking for something 'bigger' (a whole world only consisting of plots) you could take a glimpse at PlotMe.
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    i used WorldGuard/WorldEdit to ban TNT... i tried to use Essentials to ban /op commond... it didn't work... luckily WorldGuard/WorldEdit was able to ban that command... it just won't ban other commands, unfortunately.


    i use this... one of the best features about PEX is the debug command to help you find permission nodes.

    /pex toggle debug
    /pex user Europia79 toggle debug
    it's supposed to list what nodes it checks for... unfortunately, it hasn't been working as well as it once did... Take for exmaple, when i do /time day... it will just output "" but if you already have essentials.time.set THEN it will display those nodes... quite unfortunate, but if it gets fix, it will be a powerful tool for you. (i don't think bPermissions has a debug command like this).

    Another thing that i've done with PEX vs bPermissions... is the way they're setup... bPerm (if i remember correctly) has a file for each player, while PEX has all one file total... with all users in the same file.

    There are advantages & disadvantages of doing it either way... With the one file method, it's really easy to FIND & REPLACE... example: SEARCH for Member and REPLACE with Default to demote all Members to the Guest rank (default)... For a complete feature list, goto

    On the flip side of the coin, more + smaller files is probably more efficient... And the whole reason i had to investigate other plugins in the first place is because PEX isn't updated very often (once in a blue moon... but luckily, it doesn't break... only break i can think of about PEX is that inheritance did break a while back... not a huge deal since you can copy and paste really quickly: that's what i did at least... not sure if inheritance ever got fixed ???) On the other hand, bPermissions is updated quite frequently.

    Unfortunately, i cannot comment on PermissionsBukkit... i can only end this by saying that PEX commands are very nice:
    /pex user Europia79 group set Member
    /pex group Member add essentials.sethome
    /pex group Member add -essentials.sethome MiningWorld
    /pex group Member add essentials.kit.AK47 PVPworld
    /pex group Member add essentials.gamemode CreativeWorld
    /pex user Europia79 prefix "&4[Admin]&c "
    VS bPermissions
    /exec u:Europia79 a:setgroup v:Member
    /exec g:Member a:addperm v:essentials.sethome w:world
    /exec g:Member a:addperm v:^essentials.sethome w:MiningWorld
    /exec g:Member a:addperm v:essentials.kit.AK47 w:PVPworld
    /exec g:Member a:addperm v:essentials.gamemode w:CreativeWorld
    /user Europia79
    /user meta prefix "&4[Admin]&c "
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    @Europia79i think im going to stay with permissions bukkit i can configure ppls personal perms alomng with group wide terms and i can do this in and out of game.
    also the Commands seem nicer in-game
    and my admins are able to easily use it and have used it before :). i might test it for a bit but idk right now. Thank you very mush for explaining it! as for the nodes i am perfectly fine with finding them i am reading the wikis and every thing i can about the plugins so i can use them as well as i can

    @!Phoenix! thank you ill look into those :) i want to have a creative world were people can pay for plots so that only they can build there.

    i want a few new ways for people to get money on my server.i want them to get money for
    • PvP matches
    • killing mobs.
    • Team matches
    • and over time interest.
    is there one plugin that does all this? i dont want to install many separate plugins for this
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    Actually, i don't think there's anything wrong with finding multiple plugins... Small plugins that really focus on a particular job (and do that job well) are probably better than one large, bulky plugin that tries to do TOO MUCH.

    I'm not a plugin developer, but i think a lot of the devs will agree with that assessment (from what i read of their posts). Correct me if i'm wrong, but a bunch of smaller plugins could potential take up the same or even less memory than one large, bulky plugin ? (for the most part) Of course, i can see a scenario where the opposite is actually true... Also, with a bigger plugin, it seems like there are more "points of failure"... more ways for things to potentially go wrong.

    I guess it's like my English professor in college used to say: "Know your audience. Know your purpose. And stay focused."

    So you'll probably need one for killing mobs. A 2nd for interest (most economy plugins do this). And a 3rd for PvP. (Sorry, but what's the difference between PvP matches and Team matches ?)
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    PEX has many feature like giving people permissions and ranks for a certain time and is very secure. You go into essentials config and find it and if you find a good inventory switch plugin please tell me! And also if you get PEX also get SetrankPEX
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    so like every other permission plugin?
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    I would get NoCheatPlus and a plugin like LogBlock so you can find X-Rayers and rollback Greif
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    i'm not worried about grief the wild world is just for gathering resources while the plotMe world allows you to build in peace.

    but blocking and catching cheaters would be good. i heard about something called orebusificate any one know about that?

    ill update my plug-ins list latter :)will the new ones i have.
    All ready done :) it is much easier now. i can like the Min world,Wild,and the plotme world so that ppl can always have there stuff! I dont know if it separates creative and survival yet... took me a while to get to the point it is at ;).
    I'm really liking permissions bukkit i have not found anything wrong with it so far but if something does i think i would next try PEX or EGM(Essentials Group Manager). and is great it take a bit of time i recommend reading there pages first then use the help command to guide you though the process. anyway as i said ill update the list when im on my computer! thx guys for all your current help and i'm still open for new ideas.

    Looking For:
    A simple command list for vip or donators. (they get confused when remembering all the commands. and vip commands does not work)
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