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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by muffinman1604, Nov 7, 2012.

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    When will the bukkit recommended build be out?
    any one know?
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    No one knows when it will come out. You just have to wait patiently.
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    Just use the latest Beta Build, it runs like a dream :p If you are with a host that doesn't give you the ability to change your own software or won't use beta, then kick them to the curb! :) :p :)
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    Right now I am using to host and they do not use beta.
    Do you know of any places that allow beta and beat or match obbyhost's prices? ($9.99 for 1GB 24 players)
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    i use

    8 dollars a gb and your allowed to use any jar file you want just upload the jar file you want to use via ftp and rename it to match the console
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    so if i just upload the bukkit 1.4 jar file via FTP it will allow me to have an up to date server running bukkit?
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    if you have ftp access most host companies have a seperate file in the root its called jar most of the time and if the .jar file is in the root of your ftp the rename it to match theirs and delete theirs
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