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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by atesin, Apr 30, 2015.

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    minecraft is so fun and has so many recipes
    but maybe like you, i am tired of playing it with minecraft wiki opened all the time, alt-tabbing always to search recipes ... i like a plugin to supply this so everybody in my and other servers can enjoy it with plug and play

    Plugin description: with this plugin you could search and see localized language recipes ingame

    i know there are plugins like this, but there are one that needs a large recipes definition file that is very outdated, and none of these support client language files to customize .. minecraft is played around the world in many languages (me in spanish for example) and would be superb if this plugin supports native lang files


    Plugin category: Informational, Crafting

    Suggested name: RecipeSearch

    What I want:

    - install, then coping xx_XX.lang files from client to plugin folder
    - config a list of lang files and reload, then plugin parse files (there are many variants of same languages)
    - plugin search for craftable items directly on bukkit crafting api (no need to define, always updated), get id+data and stores in a hashmap
    - plugin uses String globalName = CraftItemStack.asNMSCopy(myItemStack).a(); method to get global names of items and stores in hashmap

    - type /recipe some item name
    - plugin search global name using regular expressions on on hashmap, and show you a list of options
    - on recipe selected, open a "locked" workbench, furnace, brewing stand, etc interface showing recipe, with some legends in chat area like [shapeless] or whatever
    - in addition by clicking some item in the locked crafting interface it shows recipe for that item

    Ideas for commands: /recipe unknown item recipe , /recipe reload , /r , /recipe lang my_Lang (if installed), /recipe material [mi material] (show all recipes names where grabbed/specified material is used)

    Ideas for permissions: could be RecipeSearch.reload, RecipeSearch.lang, idk


    /recipe tablas de madera (wood planks)
    sugerencias: tablas de madera de roble, tablas de madera de acacia (suggestions: oak wood planks, acacia wood planks)
    /recipe tablas de madera de roble
    (at this time and as the plugin found an exact match, it shows in a locked workbench (or furnace, brewing stand, anvil, etc))

    /recipe material (while holding cobblestone)
    roca se usa para: escaleras de roca, muro de roca (cobblestone is used for cobblestone stairs, cobblestone walls)

    /recipe material trigo (wheat)
    trigo se usa para: pan, pastel (wheat is used for: bread, cake)

    /recipe lang de_DE
    Sprache... Deutsch (language... german) (if installed) (strings taken direcly from lang file ;) )
    admin had not installed de_DE language (if not found)

    /recipe reload
    No tienes permiso para ejecutar este comando (dont have permission...)(taken from lang file :) )

    When I'd like it by: at the begining of the minecraft times ;).
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    Pretty sure essentials has this feature
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    really ?? ... searching by localized item names?.. using bukkit api ??

    essentials seems outdated anyway .. but thanks for the interest
    maybe it is useful for getting developing ideas
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    @atesin Yes, Essentials does have a /recipe command. You type /recipe [Item] and it will pop up a workbench of how to craft the item.
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    @atesin why don't look at essentials by yourself
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    Yes.. i was loooing essentials, is similar but is not i am lo9king for ... it does things in other way

    * does not have localized item names search
    * does not lookup bukkit api to get recipes (not sure)
    * was updated until 1.7.x ... in fact it take items from a big csv file included

    I want a plugin where you copy xx_XX.lang files from client to do localized item search using api (mean id+data?) .. then get recipe from server registered recipes using api too

    these methods already exist inside server api so plugin should use it for not reinventing the wheel and be low maintainment and max compatibility ... otherwise every update somebody must rebuild a big file with things that aleady are present in the api, who will do?

    Essentials = items defined in a large csv file, outdated
    Craftipedia = does not search items and recipes using server api, both are defined in a large (outdated) file
    Recipelookup = look registered recipes but cannot localize names, and now seems some incopatibilities
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