RealToMC: Real life statistics in Minecraft!

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    Plugin Name: RealToMC

    Plugin Description: This is a very basic plugin, what it does is you import your zip code and it gets the time, weather, and moon phase for that location, it then imports that data into Minecraft... Here's how it works:

    At first, it sets GameRules allowing for weather to be used and sets doDaylightCycle to false. Every 1/10 of a second, it checks the server to get in sync with the time, and when it finds the second tick, it sets it's own time to the server's time, when it's own time ticks to the next minute, it updates the server's data, not the plugin, here's what it does during the "update".

    During the update, it checks with the server and a set zip code, by default, the zip code is set to 90210, You can have a player with the permission RealToMC.set do "/RTMC (zip)" (for example: /RTMC 90210 or /RealToMC 90210) to set that to their zip code. It also saves the last used zip code for the next time the server boots. Once it gets the data it sets the minecraft time to the time in real life for that zip code, and then it checks the moonphase in the game and compares it to the data for that zip code, if it's not the same, it backs up the ticks by one and fowards it again repeatedly until it's the same, when that's done, it checks the weather, and this is where it gets good.

    If it's sunny or rainy, and it's a temperature that snow melts at, all snow biomes are set to their non snow equivalents, such as ice hills to be set to extremehills, taiga set to forest, frozen ocean to ocean, etc.
    *If it's sunny, the game will be sunny.
    *If it's rainy, the game will be rainy.
    *If it's snowing, just like if it's sunny or rainy all regular biomes will be set to snow and it will be snowing, however, when the snow stops, it will check temparatures until it's the temperature for snow to melt, then all the snow biomes will be reversed back to normal.

    Also, here's a bonus you can update in later:

    In snow biomes or desert biomes at night, you need to be wearing full leather armor or your hunger value is stored in a special file and set to zero, when you finally put it on, it is restored from the file.

    And, one more thing I forgot to mention is I want to have multi-world support, so I can use multiple zip codes for multiple worlds.

    */RealToMC: Does nothing without a zip code, when a zip code is used, it sets that as it's zip code.
    */RTMC: Shorthand of /RealToMC.

    *RealToMC.set: Allows use of /RealToMC or /RTMC
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