Really stupid plugin request [18+ ONLY]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by v1films, Apr 21, 2012.

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    The following request is for an 18+ mature language server. Please only read if you are 18+ or can handle mature content. Thank you.

    My Admin's and I are wondering if someone can create this plugin for our server:


    When a player types this plugin, it temp-bans themselves for 1 hour. A message also says "Player ______ just fucked themselves" (Banned 1 hour)
    [ Reason for plugin: For those who always logon and say "Im from Planetminecraft giving a review on your server blahblahblah--]

    Im sure this is easy to make (i think) if you can let me know that would be great thanks haha.
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    For fun you should make the command /contactadmin :p
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    Loll. Hold on a second. I'll getting this to work

    Okay now I'm done. Sorry It took a little long, I was distracted :p


    Command is /gfy - aliases: /gofuckyourself /contactadmin
    There's a config, too and it pretty much explains the bans :)

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    Thank you so much!! You just made my server epic.
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    Is it possible to make such a Plugin but with a configurable command and a configurable outcome ... like /fuckall = /kickall or /killall etc. or /shutup =mute and freezes player etc. :D
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    So you mean a plugin that lets admin make their own commands? Or just their own aliases...?
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    did anyone else under 18 click this to see what it was about?
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    Yup. It's not really that inappropriate -.-
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    No.... Of course not......
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    no everyone follows rules (im almost 16)
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    Well when I saw "over 18" I was like "OMG SOMETHING I'M GOOD AT".
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    xD This thread seems to develop into a nice direction xD
    acuddlyheadcrab (rly hate your looong name, even it is awesome xD)yeah, that was what i meant, a plugin that let admins create their own commands propably with own functions ... if possible ...
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    weird.. =/
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    Well yeah it is kind of possible. The thing is, you should be able to find most commands you want with existing plugins, and if you want to make your own aliases for them, I believe there's a way to do that with Bukkit aliases.

    The other option is to learn how to develop plugins yourself. Basic plugins aren't that hard to make :)

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