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Do you know of other anti-lag plugins? If yes, post in the comments.

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    My server has a lag plugin. I have ptweaks, clearlagg, and nolagg, and it still lags really bad. I tried RestartEvolution, but I couldn't figure out how to get it to autorestart. I tried LagPlugin and Lagprotect, but both just caused lag instead of fixing it. I really need help. my server is 1.7.9 so it would be great if you made a 1.7.9 version. If you are a plugin developer, please ignore the poll. I really need a new one.
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    if you had read the original post you would know that I already have nolagg. Also, my equipment is brand new and my internet connection averages 50 MBPS and sometimes hits 60 MBPS. The issues all started after I got more plugins, so something that lowers RAM usage, junk files, and compresses files would be great, to be more specific.

    drpk I have 1024MB RAM on my server. For my pc, I have no idea.

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    Mathias Eklund

    Ildigrub 1GB RAM is not that much. I'd recommend getting more, maybe 8 to start with.
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    I cant I only get $15 monthly that I am allowed to spend on my server. If you know a hosting company that has plugins, that much memory, 1 month, and preferably not a multicraft control panel. I hate those things but I could tolerate one if needed.
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    Ildigrub Lag is a very vague word. Lag could mean:
    1. FPS lag - (When your frames per second are low) which is a problem with your computer and not the server.
    2. Server lag - (When the ticks per second drop below 20 significantly) I'm sure at least one of those plugins have a ticks per second monitor. If they display a tick per second of 20 or very close to, you don't have server lag.
    3. Connection lag - which is of coarse, a problem with your connection. If your ping is pretty high, you have bad connection. Anything over 200ms of delay is when it starts to get bad. Even 100 - 200ms of delay isn't the best either but is tolerable in most cases.
    Of coarse it also depends on your hardware. 1GB of RAM isn't a lot. I ran a small server with 2GB of RAM just fine with a few of plugins. The amount of RAM you need also depends on how many players are on at once. Since my server was small, 2GB was good. Your server performance also depends on what processes are running on the server at the same time. Good hosting companies try and maximize the performance of servers so I would assume that they try to keep extra running processes down to a minimum.
    Other than that, is a good affordable hosting company.
    I'm pretty sure at least one of your lag reducing plugins are effective. In fact, I think having more than one is overkill.
  8. Ildigrub $15 can get you 3GB with $2 spare. I would recommend you change hosts. I am guessing you are on McProHosting, they are good but there pricing is insane.
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    no I am using GratisServer. I like how I have full control of it without having to use a multicraft control panel and I can access the FTP in the Windows start menu without having to have FileZilla or any of that crap.

    I tried cubed host as well but that had about the same pricing and loads of problems and stuff. Took me three days to get my server working with them before I even installed anything. Then I couldn't op myself or find working plugins.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    To all: Please get back on topic. This thread isn't about hosts.
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