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    I need a plugin that adds seasons into Minecraft. Yes there are seasons plugins, but they don't do what I need them to do. I need a plugin that changes the biome of the overall world in all chunks that have been loaded for each season biomes should be for seasons should be able to be set in the config and I would like it to change all biomes but jungle and desert and biomes should be able to change depending what's in it like if you place dirt in the desert and start growing trees it should become over time with a lot of work a forest biome and plants should have a harder time in the desert or in the winter and weeds should spread in crops.
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    You can't change a biome "over time" - that is, a slow transition.
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    You can change a blocks biome so you should be able to change it much like how dirt changes to grass one block per a set amount of ticks.
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    Different biomes have different grass shades.
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    I know that that's why I like the idea it will look cool when it is making a traszition from biome to biome
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    Ahh whats wrong with this -

    It changes every biome, has Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. You can change both night and day length
    grass changes colour and everything. All biome changes are near instant, close to 10seconds for all loaded chunks.
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    This wouldn't be too hard I guess.
    All you would need is a repeating Bukkit Runnable and some way to set biome.
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    I did not see this one but it doesn't do exactly what I need. if you read all I wrote you would know that.

    So the plugin I need is close to it but I need additional things. like snow stacking snow melting when spring comes water evaporation before it can rain and flooding for after dose rain on not elevated terrain. Difficult farming: (weeds spread in crops, crops and trees should have a harder time in deserts because water should dry up if its exposed to the sun for 2 minuets, and additional biome changing depending on what's in it). so what I am looking for is a plugin that adds realistic physics to Minecraft.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    so if anyone is goanna make this pleas pm me.
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    or you can wait 2-3 months and wait for jeb to add season...
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    We don't Support Mod
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Get your sources straight, this is possible without a mod -.-
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    Snow stacking is done by my Sedimentology plugin, as one of the things it performs. It also creates erosion/deposition (basically, moves blocks down slopes) and breaks down stone into softer sediments (ultimately dirt or sand or clay, depending on factors).

    You may find it useful to do some of the things you want, which is a more dynamic and realistic minecraft experience.

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