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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Corndogoz, Jun 1, 2015.

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    hi guys, i was thinking of making a plugin which makes everything like real life, you get to pick your starting age, then every minecraft year you age, and i want it to be like real life so adults have to take care of kids, now this will be a TON of work, so i need some experienced people to help, comment below if you want to help, if your not experienced, still comment below, i can find you a job, well learn together :) also, the only other plugins that would ever be on this plugin is ones that would be add ons to this plugin, so ya, that adds even more work :p also, leather armor is the normal clothing you have to wear, which you buy from a store someone made

    Im not good at making plugins, can i still help:
    Ya u can, its not all about what happens, its partly about what it looks like, so if anyone wants to make a resoure pack, that would be great
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    @Corndogoz How do you want to let parents take care of the kids? I know how it works IRL but in Minecraft?
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    lol, this is suppose to be like irl, kids have to be punished, fed, do chores and stuff, i might want to even include needing to be tucked into bed for smaller kids :)

    um, i am not able to put any code on github, it just wont work, so someone else would have to

    come on people, i want more people to join quicker, the quicker we start, the quicker we play :)

    can ppl please help and join the project
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    To be honest this idea scares me a little bit:oops:
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    well its weird, but it would probably be funny :p
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    This seems like a very big project with close to no documentation on what needs to happen/what is done/etc. Don't think a lot of people are willing to help in this case.
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    Seems a bit like the sims, this would be a massive plugin but I think the outcome would be pretty cool.

    About the kids, that will be extremely hard, especially if the kids are online players, how do you know if they will ever be online at the same time? This plugin has a good potential but needs a lot of thinking through, for example how realistic you want it
  8. Yeah, or are you talking about maybe making the kids armor stands? That might work but wouldn't look very realistic...

    Edit: Actually, a good idea for the kids is this: Make the kids baby villagers, save their UUID in an array, and then when someone right clicks a villager, check if his UUID is in the array, and then open a GUI of all the options :)
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    @Ultracrepadarian if you are you are using Tapatalk just tap on the post and it will give options, click edit. Baby villagers, that could work but then you would probably have to make wives/husbands villagers as well to keep consistency
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